11 Pics to Prove Life With a Kid Is a Splash of Fun

Life without children may seem simple, as many parents refer to having them as a roller coaster ride. But ultimately, the benefits outweigh the costs: children not only bring a lot of love and devotion to our life, but lots of fun as well.

Our Bright Side team came up with a collection of pics that show the hilarious moments that come along with having kids.

1. “My slightly conflicted niece”

2. “How my daughter eats a banana”

3. “A philosophy lesson from my son: Everything is red!”

4. “He thinks he needs some moisture.”

5. ’’His sister pushed him and she’s in the background saying, ’Oh, what have I done!?’"

6. “My friend’s son insisted on including his single chicken nugget in the picture.”

7. ’’My mom is a teacher for a second-grade class and sent me this today. I admire the confidence.’’

8. “Baby’s first Halloween...with the Goblin King!”

9. “The envelope my 5-year-old handed me for Father’s Day”

10. ’’My sister found some large Band-Aids in the bathroom.’’

11. ’’Has the whole couch, lies like this...’’

What is the funniest thing your kids have done? Whom from this list do you find the most relatable?

Preview photo credit nc130295 / Reddit


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