11 Tiny Items From Amazon That’ll Change Your Daily Routine in a Big Way

6 months ago

If being pressed for space is what prevents you from buying tools and appliances that can make your life easier, we’ve got good news for you. You don’t have to have much storage space to keep these 11 problem-solving items, as they are truly small. But don’t get deceived by their size: they can make a huge difference in your daily activities, turning difficult tasks into fun. Hurry up and add these little helpers to your shopping cart while they are still in stock!

1. No more stress trying to finally get that thin thread into the needle eye with this needle threader. It will be your best companion during hand sewing, clothing repair, cross stitching, and other activities where you use a needle. Thanks to its good elasticity, the threader is flexible and can easily pass through all kinds of needle eyes. You will receive a package of 10 pieces with bright handles that will make them visible and easy to reach whenever you need them.

Promising reviews: A must-have if you’re far-sighted like me — even with my readers on, I cannot see well enough to thread a needle in the poor winter light. These are ideal for needle threading. Well-made and easy to spot in a sewing box because of the bright handles. @Lilyelsie

Bought this product for myself and my mom as we were both finding it extremely hard to thread a needle. Very useful tool and really easy to use. Would recommend the item. @Sonia P


2. Turn a dark night into a bright day with this pocket-size flashlight. It can be attached to your keychain so you won’t forget it at home the next time you go for an evening walk. It’s waterproof, takes AAA batteries, and provides up to 36 hours of runtime. For your ultimate convenience, the flashlight also features 3 modes: mid, low, and high.

Promising review: This has been on my wish list for a while. Perfect EDC flashlight for my keys, as I only carry a flashlight in the darker winter months. I’m surprised how much light this little fella kicks out. It has plenty of throw for such a compact light. Not the most technical, but I added some photos to try and show the brightness. Weights a little more than an AAA battery. @Chris Maguire


3. Keep your food fresh for longer with these bag clips. The package includes 15 clips, with 3 sizes and 4 colors, so that you can use them for different purposes. The clips are designed to fit comfortably in your hand with their non-slip grip. Thanks to their strong clamping force that helps the clips keep the bags tightly sealed, they efficiently prevent air and moisture from entering bags with your food.

Promising review: Well, in all my years, I didn’t know these existed! Now that I do, my kitchen is full of them. Used for dealing with anything and everything, so handy, and they come in lots of different sizes. No more stale cereal, no more pasta spilling out of the bag — the sealing list is endless! @S Suths


4. This little can colander can make cooking and serving foods less messy. Its smart design will let you easily use it with cans of different sizes. No more spilled juices all around your kitchen. Drain all the liquids from your favorite canned foods with no stress and no mess! Just attach the colander to the can, flip it, and drain the juice.

Promising review: I bought this product to replace the exact same one that I’ve owned for more than 10 years, and I only replaced it because it had become discolored over time, so when I saw this one, I was happy to order it. I can’t remember what I paid for the original, but the price seemed ok as well, hopefully, this one will last as long as the old one. @Mrs June McGarry


5. If you love eating foods with delicious sauces but hate cleaning up the mess after your lunch, these dip clips may come in handy. They are perfect for separating sauces from the main dish and keeping them within easy reach. You can easily clip these little containers onto your plates, and they will stay in place thanks to their strong grip. The package includes 4 dip clips which means you can use them to serve sauces for multiple people.

Promising review: An absolute game changer! They clip onto the side of your plate perfectly so that you can control how much sauce you use without it spreading all over everything! A good size and wide enough to dip food into. Have also used it for beans with a fussy toddler that doesn’t like her food touching! @AlliZ


6. With this herb stripper you can prepare a lot of your favorite herbs to add them to your dishes in just a couple of simple movements. Simply pass your herbs through the holes to remove the leaves, then watch as they collect in the bowl below! It doubles as a measuring cup which makes it a versatile kitchen tool. With its 4 different-sized holes, the tool works well with different kinds of woody and stemmed herbs, from thyme to oregano.

Promising review: I found this herb stripper really helpful. It has different-sized holes you can use. And it’s designed to catch all of the herbs that are released, which is super helpful. This definitely made my cooking less messy and faster. I would recommend this to others and will continue to use it. @Megan Elle


7. No more “spider leg lashes” with this eyelash-separating comb. Its unique shape creates a flawless finish with any mascara you apply, while the easy-to-hold handle provides complete control and guarantees precise and safe usage. The comb features metal teeth, and it fits perfectly around the contours of your eye, gliding evenly through your eyelashes and separating them for a dramatic look.

Promising reviews: Does as it says, combing and separating the lashes nicely, helps to remove any clumps of mascara left on your lashes. @Amazon Customer

This is a very good and easy-to-use product. It does exactly what it says it will do, which is successfully separate your eyelashes, so they are not clumpy. I definitely recommend this product. @Daisy Wake


8. This apple corer is a gem for someone who loves apples. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this simple yet sturdy tool will serve you for ages. It’s dishwasher safe and super-easy to clean, which means you will use it often in your kitchen.

Promising review: Bought this because my little one loves eating apples but won’t have them sliced so ends up eating the whole thing! Never used one before so looked for one with the best reviews. Very happy with the outcome. Nice and sharp so takes out the middle with ease leaving me satisfied that my little one isn’t going to be eating anymore seeds! @Amazon Customer


9. Tired of dealing with flimsy food storage bags? This bag holder can help you keep bags upright when you need them. The non-slip rubber base and adjustable arms will hold storage bags in most sizes. Having this tool is like having an extra set of hands in the kitchen: just fasten the bag with the clips and fill it with food, like someone is holding the bag open for you!

Promising review: So glad I bought this because I usually struggle to fill freezer bags without getting sauce or ingredients all over the place. I usually need to get one of the family to come and hold the bag open for me, but not anymore. The bag stand is really easy to use, and everything stays clean. @Llou2u


10. If you’re tired of pouring the bacon grease down the drain, here’s a nice solution that looks pretty funny and is super easy to use. Try this Bacon Bin to save the grease to use later or to dispose of it in a better way. Featuring a removable strainer that sits on top, this bacon grease storage container separates small bacon bits from the grease. The design features a cute pig face on the top, and there are 2 sizes to choose from.

Promising reviews: We don’t eat much bacon, but when we do, I like to keep the grease. I needed a small container, and this silicone piggie is just right. I am very happy with it. @Amazon Customer

This bacon grease collector is a lifesaver for anyone who loves bacon. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and keeps the grease neatly stored for future use. A must-have for every kitchen! @Andy1.21


11. For coffee fans, Amazon offers this little milk frother. The device will give that professional finishing touch to your latte, cappuccino, macchiato, or hot chocolate, helping you prepare your favorite hot beverages right at home. Thanks to its stylish design, it will look nice on your kitchen countertop and round out your kitchen appliance collection.

Promising review: This product is powerful for its size — it creates a lovely smooth crema for coffee.
I haven’t tried it for chocolate yet, but I have high hopes. It’s nice to be able to match the kitchen décor too. The best little frother I have ever used. @maria vinson


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