10 Brilliant Products That Can Make Any Old Surface Look Like New

8 months ago

While full-scale home renovations require lots of time and money, Amazon is constantly looking for more and more products that can help us freshen up our interiors easily and on a budget. Today, we’ve prepared a selection of 10 items sold on Amazon that can help you make old surfaces look like new in no time. Whether it’s a faded leather sofa or a scratched wooden floor, give them a second chance with a highly efficient remedy from this list, and you won’t be disappointed.

1. Make your scratched wooden floors and furniture look brand new with this wood polish and conditioner. It instantly moisturizes and protects wooden surfaces with a coating of natural wax, and after using it, you’ll never guess how old the wood actually is! The product also prevents the drying and cracking of all wood finishes and enhances the natural beauty of wood and the depth of its color.

Promising review: This stuff is amazing. Our oak coffee table was looking a bit tired — some water marks and areas where the finish was coming off. Within 20 minutes, it looked as good as new!
All you need is a cloth to apply it, and another one to wipe it down afterward. I was skeptical as to how good it would be, but honestly, it’s fab! @SamOC


2. Do you have patches of paint that fall off your walls, doors, or other surfaces? There’s a solution! Use this multi-surface paint touch-up for quick repair. The product includes a mess-free brush tip that will make your job stress-free and easy. The paint touch-up is really versatile and you can use it on a great variety of surfaces depending on your needs, like walls, trim and molding, doors, cabinets, shutters, windows, paneling, indoor furniture, décor, etc.

Promising review: It’s definitely worth a go if you’re like me and would rather have a tooth pulled than do any sort of DIY. Had several small areas where I’d scraped the paint on a wall, and this covered it up well. I would recommend requesting the sample thing first too, I got a really good match that way. @JC


3. With this self-adhesive metal liner, you can revive old surfaces and pieces of furniture and give them a completely new look. There is a cut-to-fit grid pattern on the back of the liner, which is designed for easy measuring and application. Apart from making things look more modern and stylish, the product can cover imperfections on surfaces, like scratches and general wear and tear.

Promising review: I had recently replaced some kitchen appliances with stainless steel. I didn’t want to replace the dishwasher, so I bought this so they’d match. I found it went on fairly easily as long as you use a soap/water solution. It’s not an exact match, but it’s close enough. I will say if you look closely at it once applied, it does have a plasticky look, but it isn’t really noticeable unless you’re up close examining it. @Eric


4. If you want to make your interior look a bit more stylish and expensive, this self-adhesive marble film can help. The application is super easy. Simply peel the vinyl film off its backing paper, then stick it to a smooth and flat surface, such as wood, plastic, glass, mirror, metal, or drywall to create a fresh look. The product is ideal for covering shelves, drawers, and countertops.

Promising review: I’ve bought many of these before. But this was the most realistic looking one. The fine details genuinely make you doubt yourself after finishing the job.
I used it on a small IKEA dining table. It looks so much better now. It’s thicker than others on the market, so it can be tricky to cut in tight corners unless you have super sharp tools. @AbbiGA


5. Leather sofas look gorgeous, but they often lose their fresh look pretty quickly. To make them look like new again, use this leather conditioner. It can be used on furniture, bags, shoes, clothing items, or any other leather items that need restoration. The conditioner is suitable for all smooth leather, Nappa leather, faux leather, and patent leather (not suitable for suede).

Promising reviews: Easy application, smells good, but not too strong, goes a long way. Does an excellent job of revitalizing old dried-out leather. @Amazon Customer

There is nothing to dislike. I can highly recommend this product, I thought I had ruined a pair of boots that had been left in a hot sunny room but I smoothed the leather conditioner onto the boots and left it for a while and it has brought them back to life, and now they look brand new. Love this product. @Lizzie


6. This grout pen will restore the grout joints in your bathroom with ease. It whitens darkened or discolored grout joints, making the surface look new and clean. The pen is ideal for use in the bathroom or kitchen and dries within just 60 minutes, which means you can use the bathroom or shower shortly after application.

Promising review: A nice pen for brightening up darkened grout areas. Easy to use and gives the desired effect.
On really darkened areas I did have to go over it again after a period of allowing it to dry. But it really has made a marked difference. Looks fresh and new again now. @Smelly


7. If you don’t want to buy a new couch but your old one needs to be refreshed, try this slipcover. The thick fabric the slipcover is made of is fade-resistant, durable, skin-friendly, and breathable, which makes it suitable for all seasons. The fabric is stretchy, so it will easily fit your couch no matter what size and shape it is. There is also a large variety of colors to choose from, so if you buy several slipcovers, you can change the appearance of your furniture depending on your mood quickly and easily.

Promising review: I bought this cover for my large and very battered 2-seater. I had previously covered it with a bedsheet but it was hard to keep clean and tidy. I have 2 dogs, one of whom sheds a lot, and they also like to chew hide bones, which leave grayish marks on the covers. That was the main reason I did not want to invest in a new couch just now, so tried the cover instead.
I am pleasantly surprised with the quality of this item. It is made of relatively thick, velvety material, very pleasant to the touch and VERY easy to clean. Dog hairs just wipe off it or I can Hoover it without the cover being pulled up. Any stains just wipe off with a damp cloth.
I have had it for a few weeks now and it still looks as good as new. It was easy to fit too. I did use the foam rollers behind the seat cushions and attached the elastic bands underneath, but they are probably not strictly necessary as there is plenty of material to tuck in. Overall, I am very happy with this cover and would buy it again. @Chris BS


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8. If there are surfaces affected by mold in your house, this mold remover gel can help you get rid of this unpleasant intruder. The gel can eliminate mold from any wood, leather, or non-porous surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. The product can be efficiently used on a huge range of surfaces, including tile, plaster, furniture, showers, toilets, grout, silicon sealants, garages, balconies, swimming pools, cellars, basements, garden statues, saunas, and kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

Promising review: I’ve bought similar products to this before, and had okay results, however, this product really does what it says on the tin. I followed the directions to remove mold from the sealant around the bath. Went out, left it, and wiped it off when I came back a few hours later. It’s like magic, it is sparkling white again.
No idea how this works, but it does. No strong chemical smell to this. There is some smell but it’s not unpleasant and quite gentle. Now I’m going to tackle the kitchen sink! @Amazon Customer


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9. Installing real tiles can require much time and effort. If you want to add some tiles to your home interior but don’t want to spend lots of time and money, use these waterproof tile stickers. Using these tile stickers is also a perfect choice for renovating rental spaces. Once installed, the tiles can be mopped and cleaned with soap and water.

Promising reviews: I live in a rented property so these were ideal for me to update my kitchen. They are so easy to use. Brilliant product. So pleased with the outcome. @lesley Harrison

Incredibly impressed with these stickers! They look great on and have really changed the look of the dark kitchen in my rental flat. @JFB


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10. Clean the most stubborn of stains off your carpets with this carpet shampoo. The product can be safely used in all carpet cleaning machines and is extremely easy to use. Just take a look at the dilution rates on the reverse side of the product bottle and then refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for your carpet cleaning machine. Its intense formula eliminates germs and lingering smells, including pet odors.

Promising reviews: Love this. The smell is amazing, my carpets look brand new, all the muddy paw prints from 9 cats and 1 dog are gone, and no animal scents are left. I’m very, very impressed. @Ktpso

Cleans well, no foam, great smell, concentrated, and is cheaper than the mainstream carpet cleaning brands. @Vince


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