8 Problem-Solving Items From Amazon That Simply Work Wonders

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One of the best ways to prove that a product being sold online really works is a customer’s review with “before and after” photos. This is particularly important when you want a product or device to solve a burning problem and make your life easier. Today we selected 8 problem-solvers from Amazon with brilliant customer reviews and photos that speak for themselves. With the help of these items, you can get rid of scratch marks on your wooden floors, treat stubborn nail fungus, and even make your hair look thicker. Check them out!

1. Get rid of the scratches on your wooden floors with this floor polish and restorer. The micro-filling technology removes scratches while forming a protective scratch resistant layer on your floor, making it look fresh and shiny. The product can be used on any finished hardwood surface and leaves no sticky residue.

The formula is safe and can be used around kids and pets.

Promising review: I was almost speechless after I used this today. I have very dark wood laminate flooring in my new condo. I tried many products, including water.
The floors were dull and streaked! Now, they are absolutely beautiful. Like new! Not too shiny, just a refreshed dark glow.
I was worried that it would be slippery. Not at all. Can you tell how excited I am? Do not hesitate. It will change the look of your home! @Jerilynn DeVries


2. Bring your dull pots and kettles back to life with this multi-purpose cleaning paste. This mild abrasive paste can be used to clean a great variety of household items and kitchen appliances, including ovens, sinks, pans, pots, tableware, and other things.

The paste has a lemon scent.

Promising review: This absolutely changed hard chores like cleaning the oven, which is amazing. It smells lovely and also does smaller jobs like getting tea stains out of cups. I love this stuff! @Sophie


3. Get rid of stubborn hard water stains with this pumice cleaning stone with a handle. This item is perfect for cleaning bathtubs, sinks, and toilet bowls. The stone can be sharpened into the desired form so that it can efficiently clean corners and narrow edges.

The package contains 4 cleaning stones.

Promising review: My toilet was in an awful state before I tried these, I’d been repeatedly putting limescale remover tablets into my toilet and leaving them overnight, as well as using bleach that also fights limescale — it helped, but only a little. I cannot even believe how well just one of these worked after one use.
I was super conscious of either breaking my toilet or breaking the stone off the handle and making my way through all 4 in one use, but nope, as long as these are used when wet (I kept dunking it into the water throughout, it was not difficult at all to do) they will neither harm your porcelain nor will your stone snap off. I do, however, imagine each stone does have a limited number of uses, but for the price, well worth it. I’d have happily paid the same price for 4 of these as for a one-off treatment that yielded just as good results. @IVS


4. Make your hair look thicker with this hairline powder. If your hair is not as thick as you want or if you have some grey hairs, this powder can help you cover up these little problems. The compact and portable package makes the product simple to carry in any purse and use wherever you go.

The seller offers a large variety of powder colors.

Promising review: I bought this cute little pot a couple of weeks ago. I have my hair colored a mid-brown color, and it was getting thin, particularly at my part, and also my roots are pretty white. I cannot say yet how well it covers greys, but it works extremely well on my part, which is very thin and shows my scalp. This was really getting me down but not anymore.
Until I can get my hair to grow thicker, this little pot will cover the fact that I have this problem. I just take the sponge bit and lightly rub it in the powder and dot it or lightly rub where required. If you are wondering if it will be worth the money, it definitely is if you have a problem like mine. @Mummy bee


5. Clean bottles, mugs, and containers with these cleaning tablets. They can easily remove stubborn stains and odors, and they are free of any harmful added ingredients. The product is great for cleaning stainless-steel bottles and mugs, hydration reservoirs, coolers, dishes, hard-to-clean plastic containers, and bottles.

The package contains 12 tablets.

Promising review: Brilliant product and 100% works! I’ll never use anything else! Got the smell/soap scum out of my favorite water bottle and takeaway coffee cup and they’re both like brand new. Excellent. @Alistair & Grace


6. Get rid of nail fungus with this treatment. Thanks to its efficient formula, this product restores the healthy appearance of nails damaged and discolored by fungus. It adds and binds moisture in the nail, restoring the moisture balance and affecting the nail’s condition and appearance.

The product can improve your nails’ appearance in just 1 week.

Promising review: This stuff is amazing. I lost my 2 big toenails years ago and when they grew back in, they were discolored and thick. I’ve dealt with it and just never wear open-toed shoes, but I saw the reviews for this and decided to try it out.
The key is to be patient and be consistent. Nails regrow slowly, so at first, I didn’t see much of a difference but now that I’ve been using it consistently for a few months, the bottom half of my nail where the new growth is happening looks better than it ever has. I still have problems with the upper half but I’m sure with continued use, they’ll grow out and be back to normal. @Joanna Katz


7. Bring your plants back to life with this plant feed concentrate. Depending on the type of houseplants you have, you can choose the product you need: cacti and succulent plant feed, orchid plant feed, citrus plant feed, etc. The product can help your plants grow healthy and strong resulting in better flowering.

The product is equipped with a measuring cup to ensure correct application.

Promising review: I bought this product because a couple of my cacti were looking a little sorry for themselves, and I thought they could do with a boost. Well, this stuff certainly did the trick. I followed the very easy instructions and all my cacti are looking much healthier and also have decided to expand! Which is wonderful! @Elizabeth


8. Remove stains from your carpets and upholstery with this stain remover spray. The product formula is enhanced with active oxygen for a deep clean, without damaging fabrics and carpets. It’s also simple to use: spray the product over the stains, leave to work for a few minutes, then wipe off the released dirt with a clean and absorbent cloth.

No dilution or pre-treatment is required. The product works in under 5 minutes.

Promising review: This is the best product so far that I used to get rid of tea/coffee stains. I tried every cleaning hack that I came up with, but that only made the stain worse, as you can see in the photo.
Then I used this product, and it wasn’t even hard to get it cleaned. This is the first review I’ve written in years. I am so impressed with how easily it works, and I’ve bought 10 more of those already. @NAYOMI


Which problem-solving product do you need right now?

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Preview photo credit L L. / Amazon


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