15 People Who Find Humor Everywhere They Look

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According to scientists, having fun is crucial for our well-being. The advantages of it are significant — it enhances our cognitive abilities, assists us in fostering healthy relationships with others, and even regulates our hormone levels. It is not necessary to wait for a specific occasion to have fun, with a bit of creativity, we can find humor in everyday things, like the people in our article did.

1. “Buddy found this in one of his units.”

2. “My mom locked my switch and I can’t find the key.”

3. “I’m bored at work.”

4. “Rare snowfall in California. Friend set out to make a ‘realistic’ snowman...”

5. “I think they might be related.”

6. “The names of the food on this kid’s menu”

7. “I get an email when I get a package delivered to my apartment’s mailroom. It’s supposed to be a photo of the label, but there’s this one guy.”

8. “My son just turned 2 but tonight he gifted us this picture we titled ’Deep Thought Toddler.’”

9. “Couldn’t stop laughing as soon as I took my wallet out.”

10. “My wife...sleeps like this...”

11. “My wife and her class made ‘groundhogs’... I can’t stop laughing.”

12. “I told my fiancé, ’Yeah, that’s perfect.’”

13. “I tried to take a picture of myself but apparently looked at the phone midway through.”

14. “Fixed.”

15. “I got a tattoo of my cats and I love it.”

If you didn’t get enough and want more, we totally get you! Check out these funny things, a little bit of humor from kids, laughter from comedian pets, and don’t forget that nature can be funny too. You can also find out how this emotion can actually be beneficial for healthy relationships.

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Humour may not be Life. But it definatly makes Life.


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