6 Reasons Why Making Fun of Each Other Is Healthy for a Relationship

2 years ago

Normally, we wouldn’t make a playful joke with a stranger at the gas station or with someone we barely know. This is because we only make fun of the people we love, trust, and confide in. The idea of a joke with the person you love is not supposed to be harsh, like an insult, but in fact a way to show affection in a high-spirited manner. By doing this, you can unlock a sense of acceptance between each other.

We at Bright Side want to show you why playfully roasting each other in a relationship is healthy and fun-loving.

1. It may reduce stress.

You have probably heard of the phrase: “laughter is the best medicine,” and it surely is. There has been a lot of research done on the correlation between laughter and stress — it can be as serene as meditation is to your body and mind. There is a lower chance you can get into an argument with your partner, and instead you will be spending more time just appreciating each other.

2. It builds a better bond.

Surely you and your partner call each other pet nicknames, other funny nicknames, and share inside jokes that people outside of your relationship don’t understand. This is what makes couples build a stronger bond because it’s only their unique secret language.

When couples create their own secret language, they show an understanding between each other and share a way of thinking, and this increases their positive experiences together, adding laughter and joy.

3. It boosts your immune system.

Making fun of each other leads to laughing together, and laughter leads to a stronger immune system which makes you less vulnerable to colds. It can soothe tension, connect you to your partner, and help you let go of anger and anxiety during a fight.

The science behind laughter in a relationship is that it can “improve immune function by increasing cardiovascular activity,” so it’s time to make fun of your partner’s new hairstyle today!

4. It leads to greater attraction.

Couples tend to be more satisfied in the relationship and build a stronger attraction when they make fun of each other. Jokingly pointing out each other’s flaws may lead to them being closer, and their intimacy rises.

But it’s important to note that the way they make fun of each other is performed in a similar way. How you handle being laughed at is important in how happy your relationship may be. Otherwise, if a person is afraid to be laughed at then this may lead to them mistrusting their partner.

5. It leads to better arguments.

Every couple has arguments, it’s inevitable and completely normal to an extent. Making fun of each other during an argument and adding some laughter without being rude or ill-willed, may lead to a better resolution of the argument.

For an anxious person during a fight, using inside jokes and making funny comments comforts the person, and, as a result, brings the couple together and leads to a happier outcome.

6. It leads to venting in a healthier way.

The perfect way to call out your partner is by making fun of them in a light way — this helps you focus on the problems and resolve them amicably. Generally, just pointing out an issue will help your partner realize that something bothers you, like when they didn’t call you at a promised time. This way, you will be able to talk about it without having to start a fight.

How often do you and your partner make fun of each other? Has it helped you build a stronger bond?


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