11 Ways to Turn Uncomfortable Shoes Into a Cloud for Your Feet

Brand-new shoes can be a treat. There is nothing like that perfect opportunity to take them out of their box and wear them to a fantastic event. But sometimes, that beautiful moment gets ruined, and what seemed an ideal shoe turns out to be almost as uncomfortable as walking barefoot on a cobblestone road.

With that in mind, Bright Side compiled a few tips to make your flip-flops and cutest heels become a cloud for your feet.

1. Prevent your foot from slipping by wearing a band aid.

When you buy a new pair of shoes, the few minutes you get in the store to try them are sometimes not enough to know if they’ll have a slippery insole. If this happens to you, stick a band-aid on the insole. This way, the rough surface of the band-aid will help keep your foot from slipping.

2. Stretch your shoes with a peeled potato.

If you try this trick, you may not have to say goodbye to tight shoes. Just peel a potato and put it in your shoe overnight. If necessary, you can shape it to fit the toe of the shoe.

The moisture from the potato will help the shoe get a little bigger. In the morning, don’t forget to wipe off any residue.

3. Apply nail polish on sandals that rub against your toes.

A simple way to avoid blisters caused by friction between flip-flops and skin is to apply a little clear polish to the areas where you feel it rubbing.

4. Get rid of hard inserts with pads.

Nothing is better than walking on a soft surface, but some shoes are so hard you just can’t walk comfortably when wearing them. Well, a simple way to fix that is to cushion them with a pad.

5. Turn any shoe into winter footwear.

In winter, you probably don’t always want to walk around in boots to keep our feet warm. That’s why you might want to try to make any shoe winter-proof. All you have to do is cut some microfiber and use it as an insole. Try this, for example:

  • Outline the insole on a piece of paper.
  • Cut out the drawing and use it as a pattern to cut the fabric.
  • That’s it! Use it as a template for any other shoe.

6. Make your shoes bigger with socks.

Enlarging tight shoes is relatively simple. The trick is to roll up several pairs of socks and put them in the shoe until they no longer fit. Leave them overnight and check how much they have stretched in the morning. If necessary, repeat the process several times until you get the desired result.

7. Make invisible socks to show off your heels.

Putting on nice shoes can become a problem when you suffer from sweaty feet. Shoes tend to become slippery. The only solution then is to wear heat-absorbing socks. However, it is hard to hide even the slickest stockings or panties when wearing high heels. To fix that, put the sock only on the second and third toe, like in the picture.

8. Use fabric to keep sandals from hurting you.

With this trick, you’ll kill two birds with one stone. Make your sandals more comfortable and stylish by covering the straps with a piece of cotton fabric. You’ll get softer shoes while preventing them from rubbing against your skin. Plus, you can make them look the way you want them to.

9. Make a cushion when your shoes are oversized.

Whether you use a pad, a cotton ball, or even toilet paper, a quick way to fix large shoes is to try to fill in some of the toe space. Remember: it’s essential to remove the padding once you stop wearing them; otherwise, it will ruin your shoes by making them smell bad, plus it’ll become uncomfortable.

10. Tie your laces according to your needs.

The way you tie your laces can make your shoes more comfortable. For example, to prevent the heel from moving and giving you blisters when wearing sneakers, try this:

  • Insert the shoelace on the right side into the extra hole on the same side, and do the same on the other side.
  • Cross the laces, insert them into the hole on the opposite side and tie them.

11. Use a sanitary towel as a heel pad.

If ankle chaffing is your problem, you can fix it in no time with a sanitary napkin. Cut off a piece and stick it to the back of the shoe with the sticky side. You can also glue on a daily pad. This will provide a cushioned barrier between your skin and the stiff shoe.

What type of shoes do you wear the most? What is your best trick to keep your feet from suffering?

Preview photo credit 5-Minute Crafts / YouTube


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