12 Celebrities Who Had Kids Later in Life and Weren’t Afraid to Start Over

4 years ago

The average age that people became parents in 2019 in the U.S. was 26.9 years old. However, one study found that older women end up having children with less emotional and social problems. Many celebrities, both male and female, often push back starting a family due to their demanding careers or other factors, and show us that babies can be a blessing at any age.

We at Bright Side are convinced that it’s never too late to welcome more love into your life and have a list of famous mature parents to support this claim.

1. Bruce Willis, 59 years old

The Die Hard star’s second marriage also gave him a second shot at being a father. Bruce has 2 daughters with his current wife, Emma Hemming. Their oldest, Mabel, was born in 2012, and their second girl, Evelyn, in 2014, which made Willis a father at 59.

The Hollywood actor also shares 3 grown-up daughters: Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah with ex-wife Demi Moore.

2. Michael Douglas, 58 years old

Douglas’ youngest child, daughter Carys, whom he shares with Catherine Zeta-Jones, was born in 2003 when the famous actor was 58 years old. The couple also welcomed son Dylan 3 years earlier. The family seems very close and it looks like Michael’s age doesn’t affect their happiness.

The actor also has son, Cameron (b. 1978), from his first marriage with Diandra Luker.

3. Jeff Goldblum, 65 years old

Goldblum became a father for the very first time at 63, with his third wife Emilie Livingston. 2 years later, the couple had their second child making the Jurassic Park star a daddy again at 65.

The actor masterfully embraces being a mature parent: “I’m glad I waited. It feels great to do it right now, because all the things I’m considering are perfectly suited to the big questions and challenges of having kids, and what you want to expose them to. What you want to leave them with, what life is, and what kind of life you contribute to them.”

4. Madonna, 59 years old

The famous singer is a mother of 6 and only 2 of them are her biological children. She gave birth to her firstborn, Lourdes, in 1996 at the age of 38 and welcomed her son Rocco 4 years later. Her maternal instinct was too strong for just 2 children and she then adopted kids David and Mercy from Malawi in 2006 and 2009 respectively.

In 2017, Madonna completed her family by adopting 2 more girls from Malawi: twin sisters Estere and Stella. She was 59 years old at the time.

5. Angela Bassett, 48 years old

Actress Angela Bassett and her husband Courtney B. Vance have been married since 1997. They had experienced problems with conception for a while before deciding to work with a surrogate. Bassett became a mom at 48 in 2006, when her twins Slater and Bronwyn were born.

For Angela’s husband it was also a late parenthood as he was 46 at the time. We’re sure that at the end, the long wait was worth it.

6. Simon Cowell, 55 years old

The talent competition show titan was so busy building his career for most of his life that his personal affairs had to wait until Simon was in his fifties. Cowell’s girlfriend Lauren Silverman gave birth to his first son in 2014.

Simon and his son Eric are also working on a 7 book series titled Wishfits. The story will revolve around “a world where the most unusual animals exist. The WISHFITS are magical, unusual, and have evolved in a weird and wonderful way, combining 2 different species to form hybrid animals with very distinct characteristics!”

7. John Stamos, 55 years old

The famous actor held off until the age of 55 before starting a family. Stamos was almost ready to give up on having a wife and a kid, but then he met his current wife Caitlin. He said: “I thought it was beyond me... but it’s given me a reason to live.” Their son Billy was born in 2018.

Overall, fatherhood is a blessing for John: “Every second you pray that you can keep the kid alive. Every day is different, time has become very elusive, stuff just goes by so fast. It’s just beautiful. I’ve cried most days. I just stare at him.”

8. Alanis Morissette, 45 years old

Morissette is a mother of 3 and she welcomed her third child, son Winter, in 2019. She shares her other 2 children, son Ever and daughter Onyx, with husband Mario Treadway.

The famous singer once opened up about struggling with postpartum depression, but it didn’t keep her from having one more baby. She allowed herself the space to cope with those issues surrounded by her loving family.

9. Andy Cohen, 51 years old

The Watch What Happens Live! host became a father for the first time in 2019. His son Benjamin was born with the help of a surrogate, which made him a happy daddy at 51.

Cohen always wanted to be a father and chose surrogacy to make his dream comes true. He once said the following, shortly before meeting his son: “Family means everything to me and having one of my own is something I’ve wanted in my heart for my entire life and while it has taken me longer than most to get there, I cannot wait for what I envision will be my most rewarding chapter yet.”

10. Viola Davis, 45 years old

The Oscar-winning actress adopted a baby girl in 2011 with her husband Julius Tennon. Genesis became Viola’s first and, so far, only child. The How to Get Away with Murder star once said that the “acting bug bit” her daughter, so we should look out for her rising talents.

Davis is also a stepmother to her husband’s 2 children, a son and a daughter, from previous relationships.

11. Alec Baldwin, 60 years old

After marrying Hilaria Thomas in 2012, Alec Baldwin’s life got a new beginning. So far, the couple has had 4 children together and is expecting their fifth one. If all goes well, the actor might become a dad once again at 62.

Baldwin also has a 24-year-old daughter, Ireland, from his marriage with actress Kim Basinger.

12. Brigitte Nielsen, 54 years old

Nielsen rocked the world when she gave birth to her fifth child, a baby girl, in 2018 at the age of 54. The actress carried her daughter by herself and was delighted to welcome a healthy bundle of joy.

Like many other mature parents, Brigitte sees her age as an advantage: “I’ve been through the hurdles of my life. I’ve seen the good and the bad. When I fell down, I got up again. I’ve become a stronger person. I have more energy than when I was younger. And I’m much more thoughtful and prepared.”

Do you think having kids later in life has its perks? What age do you think is the most fitting for becoming a parent?


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I believe that it doesn't matter when you decide to get children. The most important it to feel ready for it, and have enough resources to bring them up and make a good people out of them :)


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