12 cool ideas on how to decorate your house with snowflakes

2 years ago

There is only a day left before the most magical celebration of the year arrives. Many of us are already full of festive spirit, and cannot wait for the wonderful holiday to come.

For those who haven’t yet felt the magic of Christmas, Bright Side is offering a scroll through this list in order to transform your house into a winter fairytale.

The main decoration of any Christmas tree is snowflakes

This delicate and light decoration fits the green beauty well.

Snow lamp

Great idea for decorating a lamp.

Christmas table

Festive tablecloth or a very beautiful decoration.

Proper snowfall

Create a snowstorm at home.

Decorations on the windows

Why would you wait for the frost to decorate the windows? Do it yourself.

Snow ballerinas

Ballerinas wearing skirts made of snowflakes look very intricate.

Snow Queen’s Castle

Festive spirit can be achieved through this kind of snow decoration.

On the threshold of a fairytale

Doors and terraces with snow decoration look magical.

Small Christmas trees made of snowflakes

These Christmas trees can fit any kind of festive interior.

Wrapping paper

Proper Christmas gifts.

Snowflake garlands

What can be more simple? Cut out some snowflakes and put them on a string. It’s easy and beautiful.

Voluminous snowflakes

You will have to work hard for these snowflakes, but it’s worth it.

Photo credit: camillestyles, freebies


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