12 Facts That Prove Women Have Superpowers

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Every woman is a Wonder Woman if you know enough about the female body. Well, not all ladies have superhuman strength or durability like Diana but they have some tricks up in their sleeve that will astonish even science nerds.

Bright Side has compiled some fascinating facts about the female body that are going to make you believe every woman is a superhero in a sense.

1. Women have more taste buds than men.

Women have a better sense of taste. That is due to the fact they on average have more taste areas (fungiform papillae) and taste buds on their tongues than men.

2. Girls have better cardiovascular health.

Women experience less heart disease than men. This is not because their lives are sunshine. It’s due to the fact that the hormones of premenopausal women have protective functions on the heart.

3. Women look younger on average than men.

On average women look younger than men. This is due to male skin being 25% thicker and prone to showing facial lines and age spots.

4. On average women live longer than men.

Girls stick around for longer on that Earth — women live about five years longer than men. The science folks believe this is due to the fact that women engage in healthier behaviors than men over their lifetime.

5. Women’s muscules are better suited for endurance.

Men may be stronger than women but girls’ muscles have some superpowers too — they stay strong longer and recover faster, allowing women to have much superior endurance.

6. Women’s brains are wired differently. That’s why they are good at multitasking.

Male brains are wired front to back, with few connections bridging the two hemispheres. However, In females, the neuro pathways cross between left and right. Scientists believe this is a possible explanation for why women are good at multitasking.

7. Their fear of spiders is ancestral.

The ladies are 4 times more likely to be afraid of spiders than men. The hypothesis is that this is an evolutionary mechanism to protect their offspring from venomous creatures.

8. Women speak more than 2 times more words daily than men.

Girls speak an average of 20,000 words a day while men speak an average of only 7,000. This is due to Foxp2, known as the “language protein.”

9. They have a superior hearing.

Girls can pick up high-frequency sounds better than men and as a whole mostly have better hearing.

10. Women have an advantage in understanding social interactions.

Women are better at reading non-verbal cues like the tone of voice, changes in facial expressions, posture, etc. than men.

11. They become a bit of a daredevil with age.

With age, women tend to become more adventurous and are likely to accept more risks in their lives.

12. Their pupils are larger.

Women have larger pupils than men. Maybe that’s the cause of her hypnotizing gaze, fellas.

Which of these facts did you find most suprising? Drop a comment.

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