12 Fashion Details That Can Make You Look Older

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4 years ago

The famous fashion icon Coco Chanel once said, “Nothing makes a woman look older than obvious expensiveness and complication.” And this quote is still relevant today because it’s trendy not to use too many accessories. Many things can actually make a woman look older, adding several or even 10 years to her appearance.

We at Bright Side have found out what things you should avoid if you don’t want to look older.

1. Hair that’s too dark or blonde hair that’s too yellow

Hair that’s too dark can create a kind of shading around the face that will highlight age-related changes. The same goes for yellowish colors: they make hair look burnt and untidy. If you want to experiment with hair color, try using shades with 2 color tones lighter than your natural color or choose a classic, cool blonde.

2. An image where everything looks too perfect

When we’re trying to look stylish and trendy, we sometimes get too careful about paying too much attention to detail which ironically can lead to the completely opposite result. An image where everything looks too perfect doesn’t have that natural flair that should be present in the everyday look of today.

3. Patent leather shoes and accessories

Such light-reflecting elements send us back to the past in terms of glamour. In Ohio, such shoes are legally banned — underwear can be seen in its sheen. The most trendy material for both shoes and bags today is suede.

4. Perfectly styled hair

Immaculate styles with a lot of hair spray is a callback to the ’80s and ’90s of the previous century. Today, women use more progressive methods when it comes to hair. For example, there are so-called smart cuts when special techniques are used to make the hair look more voluminous. Also, there are dry shampoos, hair lamination, and root sprays. And if you want to have curls, you need to use as little hair product as possible. It’s better to look as if you’ve just walked in windy weather — it makes you look more natural.

5. Cheap jewelry

Plastic earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and multi-colored pieces look nice on schoolgirls and teens but it’s a bad idea for older women. Such accessories make them look like older women that want to look younger. It’s better to choose one big accessory made of metal.

6. Dark red or dark nail polish

We’re used to seeing bright red nails. But unfortunately, it’s not the best choice: just like all other shades of red, it makes the flaws of your skin more evident. The same goes for darker colors. If you still want to use these colors, you can get a geometric pattern with them but choose milk or beige as the base color.

7. T-shirts with captions

Clothes are a great tool for self-expression but when it comes to T-shirts with captions, you should be careful. The words may seem self-ironic and can make you look a bit immature.

8. A very conservative style

Being conservative is great for a serious business event. But in everyday life, don’t be scared of wearing a sweatshirt with a lace pencil skirt or classic pants with sneakers. There is no need to follow the standards of fashion unless you want to look like everyone else.

9. Thin cardigans with buttons

These kinds of cardigans don’t make anyone look good: they make even the smallest body flaws visible and obvious. It’s better to wear oversized cardigans that will remain relevant for a long time.

10. Overusing classic color combinations

Standard color combinations such as black and white, red and black, and others, are getting really old and today, they shouldn’t be considered to be unbreakable rules. In the end, “classic” is only one side of fashion. Taking modern trends into account, it’s better to start experimenting with green and lilac combinations and to choose other unusual colors.

11. Nude stockings

Despite the name, such stockings are impossible to confuse with real skin: they look unnatural and can make even the prettiest legs look bad. Additionally, their color contrasts with the natural skin color. And black stockings with some cute accessories will remain trendy for quite a long time.

12. Very short hair

It’s believed that short hair makes women look younger but it’s also possible to achieve the opposite effect. This is mostly about more conservative cuts with straight lines. Asymmetric cuts look way more modern and they’re easier to take care of.

What other anti-aging trends would you add to this list?

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