12 Movies Disney Will Release Between 2019 and 2020. Gosh, We Want to See Them Right Now​

4 years ago

A few weeks after concluding the purchase of 21st Century Fox, Disney announced its film release schedule for the upcoming years. Among them, we see the new films from the Toy Story and the Star Wars sagas, a spin-off of the X-Men franchise and many other surprises that will leave fans of these movies in an anxious wait.

Bright Side wants its readers to be up to date with all the news from the film industry and that’s why we have prepared a selection of the most anticipated Disney releases for 2019 and 2020. At the end of the article, we included a bonus that was specially written for the fans of Avatar.

2019 Releases

Release date: 6/21/19

Protagonists: Keanu Reeves, Tom Hanks, Christina Hendricks, Jordan Peele, and Mel Brooks.

Synopsis: Woody and the rest of the toys are about to take a family trip with their owner, Bonnie. That’s when Forky arrives. He’s a craft that was made by Bonnie that has just become a toy, and when he appears, conflict begins. This new character, who doubles as a fork and spoon, doesn’t feel like a toy, and Woody tries to help him discover the valuable meaning of being the girl’s new friend.

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Release date: 7/19/19

Protagonists: Seth Rogen, Donald Glover, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Beyoncé.

Synopsis: Simba is a small lion, prince of the African savannah, who lives a happy life next to his family. But his peaceful world changes radically when his uncle, Scar, murders his father, Mufasa, to usurp his place on the throne. The little lion must run away to save his own life, escaping alone into the jungle. There he meets new friends who try to help him grow into a competent adult.

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Release date: 8/9/19

Protagonists: Kevin Costner, Amanda Seyfried, Milo Ventimiglia, and Gary Cole.

Synopsis: A dog named Enzo shares the lessons he learned from Denny, a race car driver who he lives with.

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Release date: 9/20/19

Protagonists: Brad Pitt, Liv Tyler, Tommy Lee Jones, and Donald Sutherland.

Synopsis: Astronaut Roy McBride travels to the outer limits of the solar system to look for his missing father and solve a mystery that threatens the Earth’s survival. His journey will unveil secrets that challenge the nature of human existence and our place in the cosmos.

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Release date: 10/18/19

Protagonists: Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Juno Temple.

Synopsis: The story begins several years after Maleficent curses baby Aurora. This second movie continues to address the relationship between the fairy and the future queen.

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Release date: 11/15/19

Protagonists: Caitriona Balfe, Christian Bale, Matt Damon, and Jon Bernthal.

Synopsis: The film is an account of the story of American car designer Carroll Shelby, and British driver Ken Miles, who fought against corporate obstacles, the laws of physics, and their own conflicts to build an unprecedented racing car for Ford Motor Company to face Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, in France, in 1966.

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Release date: 11/22/19

Protagonists: Evan Rachel Wood, Kristen Bell, Sterling K. Brown, and Jonathan Groff.

Synopsis: What’s known so far is that the sequel will take Elsa, Anna, and Olaf away from Arendelle. As it has been known, they will go in search of the origins of Elsa’s powers and try to save the kingdom once again.

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Release date: 20/12/19

Protagonists: Billie Lourd, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, and Lupita Nyong’o.

Synopsis: Although not much information about the film has been published yet, it is believed that the ninth movie of the saga will be the finale of the trilogy that began with Episode VII — The Force Awakens (2015). Rey, Poe, and Finn will confront a final challenge before their adventure comes to an end.

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2020 Releases

Release date: 3/6/20

Protagonists: Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, Octavia Spencer, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Synopsis: In a fantasy suburb where no humans exist, 2 teenage elf brothers embark on an extraordinary journey to discover if there’s still any magic left in their world. It’s a place that’s only populated by elves, trolls, goblins, and unicorns that are so common, they’re considered a plague. They even wander through the city eating garbage from the streets.

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10. Mulan

Release date: 3/27/20

Protagonists: Yifei Liu, Donnie Yen, Jet Li, and Li Gong.

Synopsis: Hua Mulan is the eldest daughter of a famous Chinese warrior. She’s energetic, strong-minded, and fearless. When the emperor gives the order that a man from each family should join the Imperial Army, she decides to disguise herself as a man to take the place of her sick father under the name of Hua Jun and becomes one of the most famous warriors in China.

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Release date: 4/3/20

Protagonists: Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Alice Braga, and Antonio Banderas.

Synopsis: Locked against their will inside a secret facility, a group of young mutants discover their powerful abilities. Cecilia Reyes is a doctor who works at the confidential government institution where the group of mutants is trapped and is in charge of studying and analyzing them. They must battle against their own fears, powers, and the dangers around them to escape their past sins and save themselves.

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Release date: 8/29/20

Protagonists: Judi Dench, Josh Gad, Miranda Raison, and Hong Chau.

Synopsis: Artemis Fowl II is a clever 12-year-old boy who descends from a long lineage of criminals. In his world, where fairies must live underground to hide from the destructive human race, Artemis will engage in an important search. With the help of his bodyguard, Butler, he’ll discover that a fairy race could be linked to his father’s disappearance.

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Bonus: Avatar Sequels

For the millions of fans of the most successful film in the box office, Disney has great news: The world of Avatar will return in 3 new movies. And, although we still don’t have images or trailers from them, we can share with you some fundamental details.

More than a decade after the premiere of the first film, the wait for an Avatar sequel will soon come to an end in 2021. But its creator, James Cameron, has a much more ambitious plan now, and it includes 3 sequels. Yes, Avatar 3, 4 and 5, and Disney has also just announced the release date of each of them.

In an interview with the Empire podcast, Cameron said: “Having gone through the experience (with Sam Worthington) on Avatar, I now knew how to write the Jake character going forward across the emotional rollercoaster of the next 4 movies.”

He also added: “It’s been tough on him. He’s done 2 pictures back to back now, because we did 2 and 3 together. He had to go to some dark places.

Finally, here are the release dates of the next 4 sequels of James Cameron’s award-winning production. It’s true, there’s still a long way to go before we see them, but being aware of the mastermind of their creator, there’s no doubt the wait will be worth it.

Release date of Avatar 2: 12/17/21

Release date of Avatar 3: 12/22/23

Release date of Avatar 4: 12/19/25

Release date of Avatar 5: 12/22/27

Which of these new releases are you most excited to see? Do your favorite actors work on any of these movies? Tell us in the comments!


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I want to see The Lion King. I watched the first one and it is still my favorite movie! Can't wait to see the new and improved Symba!!!!


This moment when you haven't even seen the first Frozen. I'm not a bit fan when they sings on the movies. I started watching, then Elsa starting singing and I had to stop


I have already watched the Toy story 4. The most noticeable is that almost the whole movie theater was filled with adults like me.. we laughed a lot ?


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