12 Photos With Backstories So Intriguing, You May Lose Sleep

3 years ago

cat hanging in a tree, a bite mark in wet cement — just taking one look at these things is not enough! In fact, you’ll have to check a couple of times to really see what’s going on in these pictures. No, they’re not illusions, but the backstories behind these shots are what makes them super unique.

Bright Side has collected 12 of these photos, all loaded with emotion. See if you can guess what’s happening in them without reading the captions.

1. “Today we couldn’t find our cat so we looked out the window and...”

2. Snowfall gave our bird feeder a crystal umbrella.

3. “My parents had just gotten a new scanner and I thought I’d test it out.”

4. My nana got bored so she knitted me these shoes.

5. These guys from opposite sides of the world, made an Earth sandwich!

“I’m in Gunpo, South Korea. I found a guy in Montevideo, Uruguay on Reddit, the exact opposite side of the world. Today we made an Earth Sandwich, 8AM for me, 8PM for him. I love the internet.”

6. This undercover polar bear is actually just a dog getting a bath.

7. “I can’t believe my eyes! This is how my coworker came into work today.”

8. “I thought someone had actually bitten into wet cement before I realized it was a clear retainer.”

9. Tree with different textured bark or thousands of caterpillars — you decide.

10. “It seems that half of my backyard decided to stay in winter, while the rest is already in summer.”

11. “And with the melting snow, the Mystery of the Missing Socks was solved.”

12. “This tiny lizard perfectly shedding looks like he’s wearing a tiny lizard space suit”

Have you ever captured a moment with an interesting story? Share it with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Rick1771 / Reddit


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11 is why I don't have a pet haha. I don't my sucks to gone missing


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