12+ Striking Makeup Transformations That Defied Age

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3 years ago

While it might seem like there’s nothing special about applying makeup, it’s a powerful tool that can transform a person more subtly than plastic surgery and still make them look several years younger. The makeup acts as some kind of magic wand that can eliminate tired eyes, signs of aging, and an uneven skin tone, opening up a person up in an unexpected way, making their eyes shine with confidence.

Bright Side was amazed by these women’s beauty, both with and without makeup, who proved that beauty knows no age, and we’re ready to surprise you with these age-defying makeup transformations.

1. A makeup artist from Canada, Wayne Krisna Gonzaga-Miketon, shared an amazing photo of one of her stunning mom clients.

2. Callista Lorian Thomas went for softer shades to highlight the natural beauty of her gorgeous client.

3. She knows how to accentuate the facial features and make the eyes pop without overloading the look.

4. A makeup artist, Julia Stronach, did her auntie’s makeup for her eightieth birthday.

Julia Stronach also released a book called Business for Makeup Artists: How to Grow Your Makeup Business Fast! which is a guide to the business side of makeup artistry.

5. “I did my grandmother’s makeup!”

6. “My mother hates makeup, but I put some on her anyway!”

7. Anar Agakishiev, a celebrity makeup artist, knows how to transform anyone.

8. He uses makeup to show women in a new, unexpected light.

9. His list of beauty transformations goes on and on.

10. And Anar doesn’t stop until his clients are happy.

11. “Before and after I did my mom’s makeup!”

12. “I redid my mom’s makeup.”

13. “I got my mom some makeup for her birthday and finally got the chance to show her how to use everything!”

Do you like playing with your style? Or maybe you’ve gone through a full makeup transformation. We’d love to see photos of your beauty experiments!

Preview photo credit julzplatinum / Instagram


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