13 Bald Celebrities Who Lost Their Hair but Got a Lot of Charisma Instead

2 years ago

Prince William was the winner in the recent survey about which bald celebrity looks most attractive. This list also contains people like Jason Statham, Stanley Tucci, Patrick Stewart, and other favorites. That’s why we decided to recall how these celebs looked when they had thick manes. In any case, our tender feelings for each of them are not because of their beautiful hairstyle but because of their talent and charm.

At Bright Side we kept looking at these pics for a long time but we couldn’t decide whether we like these men more with or without hair. We need your help.

John Malkovich

Woody Harrelson

John Travolta

Prince William

Jason Statham

Billy Zane

Patrick Stewart

Mark Strong

Danny DeVito

Stanley Tucci

Ben Kingsley

Samuel L. Jackson

Jason Alexander

Bonus: Jude Law didn’t want to become bald — his hair has become much thicker in recent years.

Which of these celebrities in your opinion looks better without hair than with it?


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