9 Celebs Over 60 Proving That a Woman Can Look and Feel Fabulous at Any Age

year ago

Our body is there for us like no one else, giving life and working hard 24/7 to fulfill all our needs. And reminding ourselves to be grateful for every step it is allowing us to take will only make us get stronger, more self-sufficient and better set to reach our dreams. And one of the best ways for self-love is to flaunt our body and prove that our shape is lovely at any stage of life.

Bright Side admires women who celebrate their physique and inspire others to be confident in their own skin. We want to share 9 famous women who are proving that while we grow older, we can shine brighter than ever.

Diane von Fürstenberg — 74 years old

Susan Lucci — 74 years old

Jane Seymour — 71 years old

Sharon Stone — 63 years old

Beverly Johnson — 66 years old

Lesley Maxwell — 64 years old

Yazemeenah Rossi — 66 years old

Ramona Singer — 65 years old

Christie Brinkley — 67 years old

How do you celebrate your body? What life lessons are you learning with each year that passes?


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You, too, can look like this . . . IF you have money for trainers, fancy spas, fashion designers, make-up people, hair people and exotic locations for photos.

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