13 Cool Interior Details That We Should Use More Often

3 years ago

You’ve been planning your home renovation for a long time and have carefully selected the style of the interior, tried to take every detail into account, and spent a lot of money — but you’re still not happy with the result. It’s not the house you saw in your dreams. We know what it feels like. We typically face this type of problem when we pay too much attention to big blocks of the interior, forgetting about small yet important details.

At Bright Side, we’d like to tell you what interior details can help make your home cozy and modern.

Kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling

There are a lot of advantages to such cabinets: dust doesn’t accumulate on them, and you won’t feel tempted to put objects on them that can ruin the style of your decor. Additionally, such cabinets have a sleeker, more modern look and provide more storage space for kitchen utensils.

Kitchen backsplash without trim

This problem often appears during the installation of the kitchen — a gap remains between the kitchen backsplash and the countertop. This gap is usually covered with trim.

Unfortunately, this trim makes the interior look cheap and simple. To avoid this, it’s recommended to mount the kitchen first, and only then should you proceed with mounting the backsplash. In the end, the joints should be sealed with sealant and grout.

A built-in oven at breast height

The oven and hob can be separated. This way, you’ll have extra storage space under the hob, and you won’t have to bend down to take out heavy baking trays from the oven.

A walk-in closet instead of multiple wardrobes

Yes, a walk-in closet requires more space than a built-in wardrobe. However, a well-planned closet will take up less space than multiple wardrobes located all over your home.

Floor to ceiling doors or their fake versions

A floor-to-ceiling door visually increases the height of the walls and makes the room look modern. This solution is more suitable for a minimalist or loft-style interior.

Integrated kitchen handles instead of regular ones

If you want to visually expand the space of your home, choose kitchen cabinets with doors that open by pressing on them or with integrated handles.

A thin, neat countertop instead of a massive one

We like to think that a kitchen countertop should be as thick as possible (after all, the more massive it is, the longer it will last). In reality, the heavy countertop overloads the interior and makes the furniture look too bulky. Besides, the more material you use, the more expensive the kitchen is.

Cabinet colors

Light, pastel, and natural shades in the interior are still popular. And they are quite practical — you can easily change anything at no extra cost in a neutral interior. However, an interior with a specific color scheme will require way more effort when you want to make any changes.

A bar stand or an island in the minimalist style

If the size of your kitchen allows you to have a kitchen island, choose an option without unnecessary details. Let it be as simple as possible and not cluttered with kitchen appliances.

Lighting zones instead a classic ceiling lamp

Lighting in a modern interior is a separate form of art. With the help of correctly placed light accents, you can create a cozy atmosphere as well as visually zone the room.

A wall-hung toilet instead of a floor-mounted one

wall-hung toilet makes the cleaning process easier and helps to save space. Plus, this construction looks sleeker and more modern.

A barrier-free shower instead of a normal one

barrier-free shower looks elegant and has many advantages. For example, this shower is safe for elderly people and children (they don’t need to step over the threshold). It’s also easier to clean this shower because it has fewer joints and seams. But you should remember that this structure should have a slight slope under the monolithic coating to let water drain.

An undermount sink instead of a traditional top-mount one

We recommend replacing the traditional top-mount sink with an undermount one that’s mounted under the countertop. This sink corresponds to modern design trends, and it has clean lines and a sleek shape.

Do you have any curious tricks that you use in your home’s interior? Share your ideas in the comments below.


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