20+ Things to Know as an Adult, and Important Life Advice for Turning 30

10 months ago

Life at 30 years old marks a significant turning point, as it’s then that we often begin to develop a sense of self-awareness and independence, enabling us to identify our goals and desires. In order to attain success in all aspects of life and fulfill our dreams, there are certain crucial things to know as an adult. We have compiled a list of 23 essential tasks that everyone should take into account as life advice when turning 30. Additionally, a bonus awaits you at the end with 4 straightforward steps to attaining happiness.

1. Find a job that you enjoy.

As we progress through early adulthood, we often experiment with various jobs, offices, salaries, and professions, particularly after graduating from college. However, as we approach the milestone of “30 years old,” it becomes increasingly important to find a job that will bring us genuine satisfaction and allow us to pursue further development and advancement in our careers.


  • Life is not over. Not married yet and want to be? There’s still time to find a decent partner, and your experience and maturity can help.

    Got children already? They’re probably school-age by now, so you can train in the stuff your parents didn’t let you, take up a hobby, or go on trips and such.

    Don’t want to marry? You’re no longer under pressure to conform, so take that trip, start that hobby, get that new haircut, whatever. Enjoy!

    However, you have to be far more careful with your health now. If you haven’t started yet, talk to your doctor about how to start a health and fitness plan. Note that I said “start” a plan, not go on a crash diet or an intensive workout, but a real plan you can do for life.

    For those with good jobs, make sure you have a pension fund in place. It shouldn’t be long before you clear your debts and can relax a little, putting more into the fund. Remember to take time for yourself, whether they be sick days, mental health days, or just a break. And if anybody questions you, tell them 30 is better than 20! @Bakanasharkyblahaj / Reddit

3. Learn to cook your signature dish.

Regardless of whether you despise cooking or know all of Gordon Ramsay’s recipes by heart, it’s important to have at least one dish that you can prepare better than anyone else. Ideally, this dish should be a main course, although having a signature dessert is optional.

To master this skill, experiment with different ingredients and techniques, and don’t hesitate to add new features to your dish. Having a signature dish in your culinary repertoire can boost your confidence when entertaining important guests in your home.


  • Friends will have kids and settle down — make sure to visit them and don’t shy away from playdates and birthday parties. @theteenyemperor / Reddit

5. Understand who your true friends are.

During our youth, we are often surrounded by a plethora of individuals, making it easy to form new acquaintances. Unfortunately, we sometimes make the mistake of assuming that everyone we meet is a friend. However, as time passes, many of these people will inevitably disappear from our lives, leaving only our true friends by our side. These are the ones who will support us when we are feeling down and celebrate our successes with us. It’s essential to appreciate those who have stood the test of time and avoid becoming attached to just anyone who happens to be around us.


  • You should have started planning for your 50s about 5 years ago. Get to it. And by planning, I don’t mean just retirement. Obviously retirement, but also getting to know yourself and what you want to do with your life. You have to be honest with yourself, find out what actually matters for you, and start working toward that.

    Get rid of the dumb notions you had when you were a teenager. Find your balance between spiritual and material things, like social connections, feelings, and experiences. Friends and family are important, as is material comfort.

    Some people want to travel and experience life to the fullest, ignoring that you need resources and planning for when you’re old. Others care only about money and their careers and end up lonely and aimless because they never cultivated meaningful relationships.

    No one can live or decide your life for you. Time is running out. @RobervalLadraodeChoc / Reddit

7. Don’t communicate details of your personal life to others.

It’s important to remember that if you want to maintain strong relationships, you should refrain from discussing the issues you’re experiencing with your partner with everyone around you. If you feel the need to share your concerns with someone, consider seeking the guidance of a psychotherapist instead.

A professional will lend an attentive ear and assist you in analyzing both your actions and those of your partner. This approach will enable you to view yourself not solely as a victim, but also to recognize your own weaknesses. Ultimately, you’ll be able to find a way out of your current situation that’s best for you and your partner.


  • Don’t worry if you haven’t achieved your life goals or decided what career you want by now, it’ll come soon. I didn’t start college (nursing school) until my early 30s. I spent a few years traveling the world first. @Unknown User / Reddit

9. Prioritize correctly.

We often rush through life, prioritizing small tasks and neglecting what’s truly important. However, to live a fulfilling life, it’s crucial to prioritize and make time for what truly matters. The special moments spent with loved ones and the experiences we have while traveling are the ones that truly stand out in our memories. Conversely, no one remembers the long hours spent at work or in the office.


  • If your friend group hasn’t already gotten smaller, be ready for it to. Don’t take it personally. Some people just don’t have the energy to hang out as much as they used to and others are entering different phases of their life, like moving, changing careers, or starting a family. I also learned that as you pass 30, you start to care less about what others think and start to care more about yourself. @djrodeze / Reddit

11. Find money and time for vacations.

Not taking enough breaks can cause exhaustion, both physically and mentally, and lower productivity. Instead of spending money on the latest phone, invest in a well-deserved vacation. After a full break, you’ll recharge and work more efficiently. Aim to save 20% of your income for future vacations.


13. Get a driver’s license.

Obtaining a driver’s license can provide motivation for future endeavors. After obtaining it, you may consider purchasing a car and potentially increasing your income. Possessing a driver’s license also makes travel easier, as renting a car while abroad allows for more opportunities to explore new sights.


  • Enjoy. When I turned 30, I became confident enough to stop auditioning what I wanted to say in my head first in case it sounded stupid and just say it. Life became a lot more fun. @markedmo / Reddit

15. Provide yourself with extra income.

It’s essential to have an additional source of income by the time you turn 30. It could be a freelance job, passive income, or even your own business. Relying solely on a stable job in a well-established company may not be enough to secure your future. Therefore, having an alternative income stream can help you handle unforeseen circumstances.


  • Take care of your teeth. By the time you’re in your 30s, tooth decay starts to be a problem. Brush and floss regularly. Go to the dentist twice a year. Keep on top of this. It’s easier to fix tooth decay problems early on before they become a crisis. @Hyndis / Reddit

17. Move out of your parents’ house.

Living with parents can be comfortable, as they take care of most things, including cleaning and cooking. However, it’s essential to move out before turning 30 to learn how to budget and manage expenses, like utility bills and household items.


  • Have fun! Too many people treat their 30s like their lives are over, but in reality, like others have said, they can be a lot like your 20s — just with more money and experience, and ideally less worrying about what others think of you. @Zenstation83 / Reddit

19. Learn to give speeches in public.

Public speaking or talking to strangers can be challenging for many of us. Nevertheless, overcoming that fear is essential. People who remain calm and use proper language are respected and listened to. Enhancing communication skills can help reduce insecurity and enable you to present ideas effectively, convince employers to increase salaries, and resolve conflicts.


  • For real, you need to start taking care of yourself and make it a habit. Getting to your late 30s and realizing you are putting on weight, have a sore back, and can’t run 100 feet without getting out of breath sucks. If you work an office job, just make the gym a regular routine and make sure you stretch. @Devrij68 / Reddit

21. Find your style.

A person who has reached adulthood ought to develop a distinct personal style that imparts a sense of ease. Once you have identified your own unique style, the constant worry of deciding what to wear will cease to exist. You will already know which clothing items best reflect your personality and individuality.

In addition, being aware of your personal style will simplify the process of selecting new clothing items that will complement your existing wardrobe. It’s worth noting that your outward appearance is the first impression you make on others, so it’s crucial that you feel at ease with your clothing choices.


  • As you get older, your body, life, and relationships become more complicated. Things get harder as they get easier. All my friends got divorced in their mid-30s, layoffs happen, and medical issues crop up. But you’re in a position to handle it and have the experience and knowledge to keep going, while this happening to you in your twenties would have been catastrophic.

    You’ll spend these years finding what makes you happy, realizing you’ve been probably chasing the wrong thing. Be ready to pivot, restart, readjust, and be open and communicating with those in your life as you go through your joys and challenges. This is a transformative decade. @Orbax / Reddit

23. Read classic literature.

During our school years, we are introduced to classic literature. However, as we are still young at that age, we may not fully comprehend the depth of those stories. Thus, it’s essential not to become complacent and take the initiative to revisit those famous classic novels.

By doing so, we are likely to have a different perspective and discover more details, hidden hints, and even connections to the present world. Furthermore, this exercise will increase our cultural awareness, enrich our vocabulary, and enable us to engage in captivating conversations.

Bonus: 4 simple steps to become happier

Statistics indicate that there is no specific age that can be deemed as the “happiest age.” We can experience happiness at any stage of life. Here are some easy steps that can help us maintain a high level of happiness:

  • Dedicate 10-15 minutes daily to silence — detach yourself from electronic devices, work, and other distractions.
  • Eliminate harmful habits and urges, as they consume too much of our energy.
  • Surround yourself with positive individuals.
  • Keep your living environment clean — a disorganized space leads to an unsettled mind.
Please note: This article was updated in March 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Illustrated by Alena Sofronova for Bright Side


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Aha!! I am 35 and find this post inspiring!! Honestly, i haven't followed most of the things mentioned here but find them to be very very true and it would be very much helpful to anyone approaching their late 20's.... Very nicely summarised!! Appreciate this post!!


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