6 Signs You’re a Happy Person, According to Science

2 years ago

Happiness can’t be measured, but somehow scientists managed to reassure us. By conducting experiments and surveys, the big brains found some small things that you could never have imagined could be the signs of a happy person.

Bright Side found 6 signs that might prove to you that you’re happier than you think.

1. You’re always running late.

People who are always running late turn out to be happier and even live longer. Those who are late tend to be more optimistic about their time management. They think they can do a thousand things in a short period of time but actually end up running late. Latecomers are also calmer and don’t panic in hectic situations.

2. You wake up early.

Morning people have shown to be the happiest. Researchers compared early birds and night owls and found out that the latter were less satisfied with their lives and had more mental illnesses. Those who wake up early generally have a genetic component that suppresses depression and chronic illnesses.

3. You have a sister.

Sisters encourage more open communication in families, which leads to better emotional expression. The main reason is probably that girls find it easier to talk about emotions than boys. Besides, sisters improve your social skills and boys communicate with girls better.

4. You work as a florist or a gardener.

Interestingly, florists and gardeners are the happiest of all professions. Even prestigious and well-paid jobs don’t provide the same amount of happiness. For example, the least happy workers were HR and IT workers, as well as bankers.

5. You live in Finland.

The Sustainable Development Solutions of the United Nations writes an annual report where the happiness of each country is evaluated. Among the most important factors are life expectancy and social support. Interestingly, Finland has been named the happiest country, and the overall life satisfaction is higher there.

6. You eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.

study revealed that participants who increased their fruit and vegetable intake from 3-4 servings up to 8 servings per day were happier than before. The amount of happiness they got were equal to that of finding a new job.

How many signs can you relate to? Which ones do you find the most accurate?


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