13 Gadgets That Can Save the Planet and Your Money

4 years ago

In recent years, the emission of carbon dioxide from energy consumption in the United States amounted to approximately 5.1 billion metric tons. Apart from that, there’s also a high level of food and water waste. Just take a second to think about how many times you’ve forgotten to turn off your lights. The level of pollution is huge and it’s very important that each of us does something to save the planet!

We at Bright Side found some devices that will help you to make your life more eco-friendly, and help you save money and the planet in the process.

1. Drumi by Yirego washes clothing anywhere without electricity.

Drumi by Yirego is a non-electric washing machine. Yirego promises that it’s good for your wallet, your health, and the environment! Sounds great. This cute machine will wash laundry for you anywhere.

It’s also very compact and you can even take it along with you on your adventures or use it at home if you happen to have a small apartment.

2. The Anti-pollution Wearable Air Filter by Paul Shen will save your health and money in the long term.

Big city life is hectic and can sometimes be bad for our health. But there’s a solution! This wearable air filter can reduce air pollution. It’s comfortable and effective, so the producers say. Breathing fresh air will preserve your health and save you money on doctor visits.

3. The Nebia Spa Shower can relax you and “make the planet better”.

Showers take up a lot of our time so we may as well make them more enjoyable. The Nebia company offers an amazing product that turns the “daily routine into a unique and memorable experience”. The company claims that it’s already saved over 100 million gallons of water. That’s pretty great!

4. The Sink Twice reduces water use.

Sink Twice cuts your water bill and reduces needless water consumption. It was designed as a “drought-buster” and it’s not only effective in lowering individual water bills, but it also has an impact on preserving our precious fresh water resources.

5. This intelligent drain by Roca keeps track of your water.

Roca has come up with an interesting device called the intelligent drain. It determines the amount of water consumed per minute. It is installed under the sink and all the information is on the display. Now you will always know how much water you use when, for example, you wash your hands.

6. Twist is the next generation of lighting that saves energy.

Twist is an adaptive light that saves energy! Just like the sun, Twist automatically transitions from white light in the morning to yellow light in the evening. You get just the right amount of light every hour of the day. In addition, Twist lamps have a speaker that plays music, even if the light is off.

You also can control the lighting from the Twist Home app! It’s a must have!

7. The Altered:Nozzle can minimize your water use by 85%.

The secret to this great gadget is based on its spray mode. Just turn the handle and our spray mode will fill your glass instantly. In comparison to regular taps, it saves about 85% of the water that is normally used. It fits Standard, Junior, and Tom Thumb-sized taps.

8. This Durable Practical Energy Saving LED Socket will help you to save electricity.

The Durable Practical Energy Saving Socket LED will save electricity at your house, plus it will show you the way at night. It is not just a smart, eco-friendly device, but a nice decorative addition to your home.

9. The PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter can be a good way to reduce contaminants.

The PUR Advanced faucet water filter easily attaches to your sink’s faucet and it has an LED indicator that displays the filter status, so you know when it’s time for a replacement.

This filter reduces over 70 contaminants, including 99% of lead.

10. The Uji Shower can help you to save time and money.

The Uji Shower head sprays water so that the water flow is super-efficient. In addition, a light indicator is built into Uji that gradually changes from green to red depending on the duration of the shower, promoting shorter, more efficient showers.

11. The iBamboo speaker by designer Anatoliy Omelchenko needs no electricity.

This is a cool invention and could be a nice gift! The simple-yet-chic design consists of a single piece of bamboo. The natural shape of the speaker produces a pseudo-stereo effect that requires no electricity.

12. Bruno is the world’s first smart can and vacuum that cuts down all allergens.

This trash can named Bruno, has a powerful vortex vacuum feature. It will deliver every dog hair, Cheerio, and grain of dirt directly into the trash bag. It cuts down on all the allergens in your surrounding environment, and your room will feel more fresh.

Place the broom in front of the vacuum feature to start the powerful vortex suction and Bruno will do the rest. Bruno will also remind you to take the trash out on trash day, so your house will be completely free of bad smells.

13. Re-Q makes your own at-home eco-soap.

Re-Q is an eco-friendly soap maker that recycles domestic wastewater and the last wedges of used soap! So there’s no more waste and no more pollution! It has a 3-step process. The machine purifies grey water, mixes it with soap bits, and then processes it into new soap! Brilliant!

Which device would you like to have the most? Please write your comment below and share with your friends!

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Might sound a bit sad, but I'm scared that in the future device #2 will become a norm for people in many big cities
#4 is probably one of the best inventions for thoughtful water usage! I like it

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