13 Ingenious Products to Upgrade Your Pet’s Comfort

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Over 2/3 of people say they would like to get more rest. The world’s largest survey also singled out the 5 most preferred relaxing activities. Reading is the most popular one. Then: being in a natural environment, spending time on their own, listening to music, and doing absolutely nothing.

Our pets need some quality rest too. So, we’ve compiled cozy and efficient products to make your pet happy.

1. A lounge bed that is a scratcher — What could be better? It is made of 100% honeycomb paper. This item is dense and durable, and due to its thoughtful design, it carefully contours your cat’s body. It is also strong enough to hold weights of up to 10 kg. So, good news for all, even those with a healthy appetite!

2. A perfectly suitable hammock for ferrets, rats, squirrels, guinea pigs, and other small animals. It is made of very soft material — high-quality short plush. Hours and hours of good rest are guaranteed.

3. Cats are well known for preferring a simple cardboard box over a luxury complex, but this multi-level tree seems to be an exception. It is perfect for daily use: playing, scratching, and relaxing after a busy day, of course.

4. Your little pets will enjoy a comfortable hammock bed made from cozy, soft cotton material. The package includes one hammock bed, 2 fixed wooden frames, 4 washers, and 2 screws. The size is 23 cm × 19 cm.

5. Now, this is what we can call a luxury item! The fabric quality is top-notch. The design makes it look more like a good piece of furniture than just a regular bed. It also adapts optimally to the body of your pet thanks to an orthopedic foam. It comes vacuum sealed.

6. Aww, it looks like this fluffy bed is very comfy. It is made of soft material and is pretty easy to clean. It comes in many different sizes, so you can pick the one that is just right for your little guy (or girl).

7. This is a versatile product. Made out of 100% non-toxic, recyclable cardboard. It can be a sleeping place or a scratcher when needed. The nice-looking design is well-thought-through for the needs of your pet.

8. It is a very soft bed with vertical sides that stop drafts. The product is machine-washable (at 30°C on the gentle cycle). You can use mild detergent, but do not bleach, iron, or tumble dry.

9. A very simple scratcher that can also turn into a bed when needed. It is safe and comfortable to use and comes with some catnip to help get your cat interested.

10. This extra-large elevated bed is, by all means, extra sturdy. The one-piece bend design ensures stability. You can use it outside, allowing your pet to chill and enjoy the fresh air.

11. A washable plush mat that will keep your furry friend warm. This product will add extra comfort to your furry (or not) friend’s sleeping place.

12. Ahh. And here it is: a simple cardboard box that will satisfy even the pickiest cat. Sometimes less is more. It is also nicely decorated. And it doesn’t get any better than this.

13. A viral toy that is worth buying. It is super easy to assemble — one side sticks to the other. It is made of high-quality cardboard, and the construction is sturdy and ready to survive your kitties’ attacks. Afterward, it can be used for taking a sweet nap.

What is your pet’s favorite place to rest?

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