13 Items You Never Knew You Needed Until Now

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When we go to the store, we often buy things that are not on our lists because we just saw them and thought we needed them. In many cases, this is because the marketing of a product appeals to us when we have no real interest in it. However, sometimes we see things that we never realized could be useful to us, so we gathered 13 items that might make you feel like they will satisfy some unknown need of yours.

1. A moving doggy tail decal for your rear windshield that will make all the other drivers stare at your car. It’s adhesive, and it comes in 23 different colors. It will stick on your windshield and windows and won’t leave a mark whenever you want to remove it.

100+ reviews

Promising review: Excellent product. Fascinating the way it changes color. @Amazon Customer

2. A glasses stand that’ll be perfect for your grandma, mom, or aunt. It is made of polyresin, so it’s quite sturdy. It is 13 cm in height and the base is 6 cm in diameter. It is just the perfect way to help people keep from misplacing their spectacles.

1,100+ reviews

Promising review: Loved it. My 80-year-old aunt was so pleased with it. She said she will never lose her glasses again. @Amazon Customer

3. A magnetic key holder in the shape of a cloud that sticks to the wall. It’s made of strong ABS material and has adhesive on the back. It can be put on any surface and can hold up to 1.4 kg of weight. Aside from keys, it can also hold smaller items like clips, nails, etc.

2,200+ reviews

Promising review: I already love this. The magnet is strong enough to hold my stuff very easily and the sticky back is strong enough to keep it on the wall. Comes as a 2-pack, which is handy. @Amazon Customer

4. A single pen or pencil holder that you can put on your desk as a fun accessory. Not only that, but you can take all your stress and frustration out on it. The material is quite durable, so you can pinch and stab it with your pen as much as you want.

2,800+ reviews

Promising review: This is a great idea. You can take your frustration out on it if needed without breaking it. It is a fun pen holder to have on your desk. @Amazon Customer

5. A tiny s’mores maker you can carry anywhere with you. It only takes around 30 seconds to microwave your little snacks. All you need to do is fill the reservoir with water and put the s’more ingredients in the microwave. Remember to change the water every time you use the gadget.

3,800+ reviews

Promising review: This is a great little gadget, perfect for when you can’t light a candle or fire but need s’mores. I’m a little bit annoyed about how often you need to change the water, but it’s a small price to pay for happy kids and adults. @YellowDuck

6. A neck reading light that comes in 3 different colors and 6 brightness levels. It can last more than 80 hours without charging. It can be used by all ages for those who want to read, knit, or do detailed work. You can bend it as much as you want, and the light will not flicker at all.

84,000+ reviews

Promising review: This is brilliant! I charged it when it arrived for about 3 hours and used it for 3 to 4 hours every night. Didn’t have to charge again for 2 weeks. I use the low mode, as the other mode is very bright. I use it for crocheting.
So comfortable to wear and great for any hobby or intricate work. You can bend it to where you want. @JEANY

7. A silicone crab you can use to rest your wooden spoon on or keep your lid open. It’s heat-resistant, and it’s made of 100% food-grade silicone, which means that it’s safe for your kitchen. You can pop it in the dishwasher if you don’t feel like washing it by hand.

7,000+ reviews

Promising reviews: Bought it as a novelty gift. It’s so cute. Made myself and the recipient giggle. It is quite flimsy, and I don’t think it will get used as a ’real’ spoon rest.
It will more likely end up as a cute decoration on a kitchen shelf/windowsill. But if you’re looking for a cute novelty gift, the crab might be perfect. @Ms. J. Wlazlo

8. A 3-in-1 charging station where you can change your phone, earbuds, and smartwatch. It works for Apple, Samsung, and other brands as well. It uses a Type C USB connector, and it prevents the devices from overcharging. It will also make sure that the devices will not slip from the station. It has an indicator that shows the charging level, which you can turn off if you wish.

1,000+ reviews

Promising review: Does exactly what it should. Brilliant value and keeps everything tidy with fewer wires to clutter your desk. The light is useful too, but you can toggle that on or off. Great gift for someone who wants less mess and loves wireless charging. @El

9. A spud brush shaped like an actual potato that will bring some joy to your kitchen routines. The exterior part is made of plastic and is quite durable. It will wipe your potatoes clean in no time. It weighs only 22 grams.

4,000+ reviews

Promising review: I bought this so I wouldn’t mix up my potato scrubber and pan scrubber. It is just the right size for potatoes, works fine, and makes me smile when I see it. @J. M. B. Tee

10. A Dracula-shaped garlic grinder that is not only cute to look at but also very practical. It’s made of sturdy plastic and can crush and mince garlic. You just have to put in the power, and it will give you the desired result. You can also use it to crush nuts, spices, and herbs. Just make sure to wash it by hand and not place it in the dishwasher.

5,000+ reviews

Promising review: This is so easy to use and easy to clean. I’ve seen people complaining about it getting full of water in the dishwasher, but the box says that it’s not for the dishwasher. So don’t do that and you’ll be fine.
It also adds a little humor in my kitchen. Works effortlessly and so much better than a garlic press. If you’re thinking about getting one, do it. @RC

11. An adorable seagull-shaped night light that all kids will love. It’s portable, doesn’t need a cord, and is made of BPA-free silicone that is also washable. You can choose either the warm or bright light by just tapping on it. The battery can be used without charging for up to 15 hours. And it won’t get destroyed if your kids decide to throw it on the ground.

500+ reviews

Promising review: I was a bit unsure about ordering these at first, but I’m so glad I did. I wanted night lights for my twins that they could use by themselves. They have the perfect lighting for reading bedtime stories and are so easy to use.
They have a 20-minute timer for bedtime and a constant setting, so they stay on until you turn them off. They have 2 brightness settings and can be patted on and off or switched on and off by the button on the bottom of them. They’re so cute and soft, my twins love them. @Gina

12. A USB flash drive in the shape of a camera. The exterior is made of good quality, waterproof silicone that protects the flash drive. You can choose between 3 memory storage capacities. It also has a keychain, so it’s easier to take with you anywhere you go — along with your keys.

1,800+ reviews

Promising review: What a great little gadget for storing your photos, music files, video clips, and word documents. This USB memory stick resembles a mini DSLR camera. It is so light that it can be carried around with you 24/7, and your files will be protected from being damaged from everyday knocks and scratches. @Nigs

13. A novelty tape dispenser that is also multifunctional. Apart from tape, you can store paper clips under the man’s behind. You can also store a sticky notepad on his back and a pen in his mouth. It’s just a fun accessory to have on your desk to make working hours more pleasant.

5,000+ reviews

Promising review: I got this as part of a Secret Santa gift for the humor of it. I didn’t expect it to come with the accessories (tape, notepad, paper clips), but it does. It’s very cute, funny, and functional. @sindylemonade

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