8 Items From Amazon to Make Studying Easy and Enjoyable

11 months ago

Academic stress is a specific type of stress experienced by students. This is the fear of failure and fear of exams and expulsion, which can seriously affect the mental state. Therefore, today we are looking for effective ways to support students and help them reduce their tension.

We at Bright Side want to share ideas on how to make it easier for students to complete their many tasks. To do this, we found several useful gadgets on Amazon that can become real life hacks for studying. We hope that, coupled with parental support, this will be a great help this school year!

1. Mini voice recorder and MP3 player for recording and playback of lectures.

Buy this voice recorder on Amazon.

Quality sound!

This voice recorder can store up to 96 hours of recording in its tiny body! The voice activation function allows the recorder to start recording automatically when a voice starts to sound and stop in moments of silence. You can use it as a music player!

2. Multifunctional folding laptop table to study where it is more comfortable.

Buy this folding table on Amazon.


Adjustable height and angle of inclination will allow you to take the most comfortable posture for study and work. And the large space and numerous holders make it versatile for reading, working with papers, a tablet, or a computer.

3. Reader pen that reads scanned text aloud and writes it down for later playback.

Buy this reader pen on Amazon.

Built-in dictionaries!

A great assistant in processing large volumes of text! Read and listen to the text at the same time with headphones to help you remember better. And also use the voice recorder to record the text you read and play it back as many times as you need to remember.

4. Adjustable LED table lamp with 3 color modes will keep your eyes comfortable while you study.

Buy this desk lamp on Amazon.

Touch control!

The lamp gives a soft and even light without flicker, which will help reduce eye fatigue. You can adjust the brightness and color temperature according to your comfort with a simple touch. A stylish design will make it easy to fit this gadget into the interior.

5. 2-line engineering and scientific calculator with all the necessary computing functions.

Buy this calculator on Amazon.


A professional-grade scientific calculator that lets you quickly and easily solve math and geometry problems. Choose your favorite color to have fun!

6. Wall planner for the school year 2022-2023 to manage your time.

Buy this planner on Amazon.

Large size!

The wall planner offers ample space for each date, allowing you to plan in detail and see your busy schedule at a glance. Designed for the entire academic year and allows you to write with any pen or pencil, as it is made of thick non-laminated paper.

7. Self-adhesive transparent stickers for notes in any text.

Buy these stickers on Amazon.


The set contains 100 clear stickers that are easy to remove and won’t leave marks in your book. Highlight important things without damaging the paper, and remember information easier!

8. A book of useful tips that will make learning easier and more efficient.

Buy this book on Amazon.

Versatile tips!

Plan your schedule so that by the end of the year you don’t panic before the exam and you’ve effectively assimilated information throughout the year. This guide is just to beat the proverbial academic stress!

Do you remember what or who stressed you out the most in high school and college?

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