15 Amazon Products to Bring Summer Vibes to Your Doorstep

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Summer holidays are great, but unfortunately, just like any other fun activity, it ends way too quickly. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still bask in those summer vibes right at home.

Here at Bright Side, we love the summertime, and if you do too, you’ll love these Amazon products that can add a bit of sunshine to your humble abode. Let’s get straight to it.

1. Cute popsicle makers that bring back that summer nostalgia

Buy these popsicle makers from Amazon here.

Amazon’s Choice

With their cute design, these little popsicle makers will add some fun to any summer afternoon, especially if you have kids!

2. A condiment holder that will look lovely on any garden table

Buy this condiment holder from Amazon here.

Great value

These condiment holders have their own little umbrella; what a fun design! It can hold your salt and pepper shakers as well as your condiments, and we’re sure guests will comment on it.

3. A massive beach backdrop to make you feel like you’re in the tropics

Buy this beach backdrop from Amazon here.

Durable material

This massive beach backdrop will brighten up any living room during summer, and it’s easy to remove and fold to keep in storage.

4. Nautical wall decorations to give you those Mediterranean vibes

Buy these wall decorations from Amazon here.

Natural resin

These summer nautical decorations come in 12 pieces, and they’re great for table or wall decorations to give off that summer vibe.

5. Hawaiian table decorations that are great for an outdoor summer lunch

Buy these table decorations from Amazon here.

High-quality material

These flamingo-themed decorations can be placed on tables — and even walls — and their material makes them spill-proof and stain-free.

6. A floor mat made from 100% natural fiber to give your living room those island vibes

Buy this floor mat from Amazon here.


This rug made of natural fiber looks great under a dining table, in a hallway entrance, or even in an office.

7. Vibrant artificial flowers that can add a bit of color to your humble abode

Buy these artificial flowers from Amazon here.

Realistic look

These artificial flowers are resistant to high temperatures, and they look great on a front porch or patio. Nobody will ever know these are fake!

8. LED seashell lights that are reminiscent of the ocean

Buy these sea shell lights from Amazon here.

Delicate glow

These seashell lights will bring a bit of the beach to your home. They are battery-powered and give off warm white light.

9. A rustic, stylish table runner that looks great on an outdoor patio

Buy this table runner from Amazon here.

100% cotton

This macramé runner is ideal for long tables, but can also be used for picnics. It’s durable and reusable and comes in 2 sizes: 72 inches or 108 inches.

10. A beautiful, reusable drink dispenser to serve guests on a hot summer day

Buy this drink dispenser from Amazon here.

Great gift

This beautiful 3.8-liter drink dispenser is perfect for serving guests on a hot summer day. And for a few extra bucks, you can even get a cute assortment of paper cups.

11. An ingenious beach towel with 2 pockets on each side to keep belongings in that can also be used as a bag

Buy this beach towel from Amazon here.


This is the future of beach towels, and all the positive reviews can attest to it. The pockets on the side are big enough to carry magazines and books, and you can keep your clothes in the large pouch while sunbathing. What a neat design!

12. A slush machine to help you cool off during your summer celebrations

Buy this slush machine from Amazon here.


This premium, portable slush machine will add some color to a hot summer afternoon. It’s easy to use and clean and even comes with a free ice cube silicone tray.

13. An essential oil set with summer scents

Buy this essential oil set from Amazon here.

100% natural

This essential oil set, which contains no additives, can give you some yummy summer scents. To use them, simply put 5 to 10 drops into a humidifier or aroma diffuser.

14. A gas fire pit table that is sure to impress your guests

Buy this gas fire pit table from Amazon here.

Elegant design

This gas fire pit table comes in black or gray, and it’s sure to jazz up any backyard gathering with its sheer presence alone. Now, you can enjoy summer nights even if it’s a little chilly out there.

15. A slick ice cream maker that can also make smoothies, milkshakes, and more

Buy this ice cream maker from Amazon here.

Versatile product

Ice cream and summer go hand in hand, so we couldn’t forget this gadget right here. And we’re not calling it an ice cream maker, as it’s so much more than that! With the Ninja, you can also make smoothies, sorbets, gelatos, and milkshakes.

What little touches have you added to your home to reflect the season?

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