13 Pictures About a Happy Couple Proving That Vacations Can Be a Really Crazy Time

2 years ago

Vacation are usually the best times in the life of every person. We want them to be ideal but everything often doesn’t go according to plan. For example, we end up not visiting all the museums and cathedrals that are marked in our guidebook, we feel tired after the vacation, or we forget to put sunscreen on our skin and get sunburned.

We at Bright Side think that minor trouble on trips is no reason to be unhappy. You shouldn’t take it seriously. Our avocados in love will tell you about this even better than regular travelers.

She always has more luggage than he does.

Many people know these feelings really well...

People may misunderstand your behavior on the beach.

Men are tough creatures.

Eating local cuisine is like playing Russian roulette.

Everything looks different on someone you love.

This happens every time...

Local marketing can look scary.

Swimming in public swimming pools will never look like the scenes from Hollywood movies.

Night swims in the sea may seem romantic...

Who needs all the sights?

It’s sometimes hard to avoid embarrassment.

Actually, vacations can be pretty tiring.

What funny vacation situations can you add to this list?


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