13 Stories From Women Who Now Know for Sure That Beauty Requires Sacrifice

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2 years ago

Having some me-time is a special ritual for women of all ages. Visiting a spa, a hairdresser, or a beauty salon is always a kind of mini-vacation. However, sometimes even a simple haircut or manicure can go against the plan, leaving an unpleasant feeling inside.

It’s not for nothing that people say beauty requires sacrifice. The characters of our Bright Side article know this for sure and they gladly shared everything they think about their stylists.

  • Men are unlikely to understand what women are ready for for the sake of beauty. For example, I walk across half the city and along with a cemetery for 10 minutes just to buy shampoo. © _nebonebo_ / Twitter
  • I have a client who was growing their brows for 2 years. We were struggling for each little hair. Last month she couldn’t get to an appointment with me and went to a different salon. They plucked all her brows and laminated the rest, which made the rest of the hair fall out. I am crying. © Maria_Potekho94 / Twitter
  • I got my nails done at a new salon and they ruined them. It’s already been 2 weeks since I removed the nail gel, but my nails are not growing — they break and crumble. It’s painful to even file them. © Serikava / Twitter
  • Every time, I rush to see my cosmetologist with kid-like joy, thinking we are going to create beauty. And then I end up lying there and thinking, “Oh my, and it was me who went to these procedures myself. No one forced me.” © my__copy / Twitter
  • I got my navel pierced about 15 years ago, they took a photo of the result and posted it on their social media. They also tagged me in the post. When looking at the photo, I noticed a long black hair on my belly button. I didn’t know it was there. Of course, I plucked it out right away but it would’ve been better if the girl who pierced me did it herself before taking a photo and putting me to shame. © zaleteli / Pikabu
  • I went to a salon once, for waxing. It was my first visit to this kind of salon. I saw that the person doing the procedure was waxing my arm and placing the strip on the floor, then re-using it on my arms. And then she used a sponge to wipe my hands, which was kept in a common area and used by all customers by merely rinsing it in water without any disinfectant. I never said anything to her but swore that I would never enter that salon again. © Tejas Vartikar Chauhan / Quora
  • My friend went to a well-known salon in our area to color her hair. She is a brunette and wanted a silvery kinda hair color, so she sat there for hours with bleach on her head then washed up and went for the color, it turned out so bad that we had to chop off her lower back length hairs to a short bob. A lot of crying was involved. © Plankton-Local / Reddit
  • The hairstylist put like maybe 10 braids in my head then she said, “I will be right back.” She left for about 3 hours just to go get her hair done. © justpeachyhair / Twitter
  • The hairstylist was cutting my hair and commenting, “You have such a beautiful hair color!” Pause, then she adds, “In the areas where there are no gray hairs.” I felt like an ancient mummy after these comments, however, I was only 47. I have never gone to that salon again even though the stylist was really good. It would be better if she was doing her job without saying anything. © KymcoSuper8 / Pikabu
  • “Are we removing the mustache?” my aesthetician asked me, even though I came to extend my lashes. I was lying there thinking about what kind of big mustache I had and why everyone around was not saying a word about it. My poor husband — he had had to endure my mustache for so many years. Then I kept looking at it for the next 2 weeks, full of doubt. Before this comment, they were just fine light hairs above my lip. © victory509 / Pikabu
  • Once, I went for a haircut to a local stylist who was famous city-wide. Too much pathos, very expensive prices for hair color, and a months-long waiting list for appointments. He decided to do AirTouch on my hair. The result: my hair was falling out in bunches after the first wash. Even at the age of 19, I had never “burned” my hair so much with the cheapest bleach. There was only one advantage to this whole situation — I finally had to grow out my natural color and now I am happy with it. © Vittoria2603 / Pikabu
  • A girl with gorgeous hair that went below her waist came to our beauty salon and asked to have 2 inches cut off. The hairdresser cut it off lopsided. When the girl politely asked them to correct the situation, the hairdresser grabbed scissors and, without saying a word, cut off 8 more inches. The client froze in astonishment and then exhaled and said, with a smile on her face, that she had been dreaming of cutting her hair off all her life but never dared to do it. Moreover, everyone would talk her out of this idea and now her dream had finally come true. Now she happily sits in my chair and we’ve decided to cut her hair even shorter. © Overhear / VK
  • Once, I decided to go to a new nail tech for a manicure. After finishing the procedure, the girl asked me to take a photo of my nails. I allowed her to do it. She took out a razor and tried to shave off the hairs on my fingers to make the photo look nicer. Thank you, dear girl, for another complex that I now have. © Kevinuq48 / Pikabu

What sacrifices have you had to make for the sake of beauty?

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