13 Things From the Future We Want to Have Right Now

4 years ago

Recently, there have been a lot of amazing things created that we could’ve only dreamed about in the past. Some of them are still just prototypes and some are available right now. We have read about the latest developments from the world of cool design and found a robot babysitter, a glass that can turn water into any drink you like, a computer mouse in an unusual shape, and other interesting inventions.

Bright Side offers you the chance to take a look at a compilation of new designs and inventions that will make you believe the future is already here.

Smart bed

This incredible bed can track your health indicators during sleep, change the mattress shape depending on your body. For example, if you start snoring, it will move your head up just enough to stop the snoring but not wake you up. It has a smart alarm that will wake you up during the right phase of sleep so that you feel relaxed and fresh every day.

Robot babysitter

Baby monitors are not that amazing anymore, but how about a robot babysitter? This really cute device can detect a baby’s cry and inform parents and while they are on their way to help. The robot can also calm the child down with music and even tell them a story.

Also, it can recognize faces, clear the air, control the room temperature, and send parents photos and videos of their child. Besides, the “babysitter” charges by itself and can be used by a child to help transport them around and even help them try to walk.

Smart headphones

Smart headphones from Sony don’t block the ear canal, allowing you to hear both the music and what’s around you. Also, you can get information about weather, news, and send text messages.

Bulldog-shaped speakers

These wireless speakers are expensive, but incredibly cute. They are great for any apartment and they can be a great gift to anyone who loves music and/or dogs. A funny detail — the remote is bone-shaped.

Robocat for lonely people

Here is another friendly robot that can be useful for both kids and adults, especially for those who feel lonely. The cat named Fribo helps its owner communicate with relatives and friends using a special group chat. For example, if you double tap on the table next to the cat, it will immediately send your friend a message asking what they are doing.

Cone-shaped computer mouse

According to Korean designer Inyeop Baek, the creator of this cone-shaped computer mouse, its unusual shape prevents the development of carpal tunnel syndrome because when using this mouse, people have their arms in a natural position. Aside from that, the cone-shaped mouse is no different than other mice.

VR moto simulator

The simulator is compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and Windows devices. According to the Spanish company that is developing this technology, their device can make you feel as close as possible to the way a real biker feels. But it’s almost impossible to fall off the simulator.

Death Star-shaped popcorn maker

This thing is a great gift for any Star Wars fan, but unlike the original Death Star, it doesn’t destroy planets, it just makes popcorn. And if you don’t like popcorn, the company has a lot of other inventions that will make Star Wars fans really happy.

Cup cooler

This coaster cools drinks about 6 times faster than a fridge and keeps the desired temperature throughout the entire day. The size of the cooler is compatible with most standard bottles and aluminum cans, and you can even pour the liquid right into the cup of the device.

Toilet paper stand with a place for books and magazines

It’s not a secret that many people love reading, browsing the internet, and playing games on a smartphone while sitting in the bathroom. But they often have a problem: where can you put the phone when you’re done doing your business? There is a shelf specifically for this, where you can put your smartphone, magazines, toilet paper, air freshener, and other important stuff.

Beard trimmer

Men who like to keep their beards clean and don’t always have time to visit a barbershop should take a closer look at this convenient trimmer. It’s good for beards of any length and shape and its construction will allow you to avoid mistakes while shaving by yourself.

A suitcase for your things and a charger

This suitcase is made of ultra-lightweight, waterproof material and has room for a laptop, magazines, bathroom stuff, and clothes. The small size of the suitcase allows you to take it with you on the plane, and it also has a power bank for 2 devices that charges when the wheels turn.

A cup that turns water into any drink

Virtual reality has finally conquered cocktails. Now you can turn water into wine or any other drink in real life. Well, you can make a realistic-looking illusion of the transformation while the water in the cup doesn’t really change.

This is possible thanks to the electrodes in the cup that can change the taste of the liquid making it sweeter, more bitter, or saltier. Diodes change the color of the drink and a special gas influences the smell, so you can enjoy wine, lemonade, or any other drink.

Which of these things would you like to have the most?

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