14 Archive Photos of Celebrities That Even Their Most Avid Fans Have Unlikely Seen

2 years ago

There are so many photos of celebrities on the Internet, it feels like we have seen each important moment of their lives. But just like other people, celebrities have archived photos from times when their careers were just starting. And just like us, sometimes they are captured in an unusual environment.

It’s these types of photos that we at Bright Side looked for when preparing this article. Many of them allow you to indulge in your nostalgia.

Leonardo DiCaprio and his granny, Helene Indenbirken, at Cannes Film Festival, 1996

A young Britney Spears, 1993

Anthony Hopkins playing Pierre Bezukhov, 1973

Sarah Jessica Parker when she was playing the main role in a musical, 1980

Marilyn Monroe hits the ball as a guest of honor to start a football match, 1957

Audrey Hepburn holding a magazine with her photo on the cover, 1986

3 legends in one photo: Michael Jackson, Sophia Loren and Kirk Douglas, 1987

The Beatles pretending that Muhammad Ali has knocked them out, 1964

Rap singer Kanye West and Prince Harry at the event dedicated to the memory of Princess Diana, 2007

Kate Moss and Liv Tyler at a party, 1998

Roman Polanski and his wife, Sharon Tate, cutting the wedding cake, 1968

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston at an Emmy Award Ceremony, 1999

Ariana Grande the way very few people remember her, soon after performing in the 13 musical, 2008

Prince Charles and the Spice Girls in an opera theater in Manchester, 1997

Which photos from this compilation made you smile and feel a bit nostalgic?


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Which photos from this compilation made you smile and feel a bit nostalgic? No. 1,5,7,8 and 13.


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