14 Celebrities Who Look Gorgeous Without Any Effort

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We are used to associating Hollywood with glamour, wealth, and impossible beauty standards. However, there are certainly some celebs that remind us that natural beauty is a blessing. They show us we should not be ashamed of our imperfections, and we should truly embrace our true selves.

Bright Side wants to present you with 14 celebrities that look flawless by just being themselves.

1. Jessica Simpson — “Sunny kinda mornin’”

2. Cameron Diaz — “I literally do nothing. I like never wash my face... Twice a month if I’m lucky.”

3. Chris Pine — The look is “mostly laziness.”

4. Salma Hayek — No makeup

5. Jennifer Aniston embracing humidity.

6. Lady Gaga showing her natural beauty on a sunny day.

7. Gigi Hadid enjoying herself in the pool.

8. Timothée Chalamet is far from the spotlight in his everyday life.

9. Jennifer Lopez chilling with no makeup.

10. Zendaya — “Yes for my white shirt being the perfect light bounce.”

11. Kesha — “Abandoning all sense of comfort in who I once was and embracing the excitement and space for who I am becoming.”

12. Gal Gadot — “Still working out, still loving it!”

13. Helen Mirren posting a selfie while preparing for Oscar night

14. Penélope Cruz snapping a no-makeup selfie in Dubai.

Which of these famous people is your celebrity crush? Don’t be shy, tell us in the comments.


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Lovely pictures ,but if you think that the ladies are not wearing makeup ,you are wrong . It's simply been carefully applied using natural colors .


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