14 Crazy Gifts From Amazon to Prank Your Friend

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Research shows that giving emotions is more valuable to a relationship than just giving objects. So it’s not in vain when every time we want to surprise our friends and leave a mark in their memory. What people don’t do to impress each other! Well, today we want to share a couple of ideas.

Today at Bright Side, we have a selection of gifts for people with a good sense of humor. It pops up, makes noise, teases, and makes you giggle. This means that it leaves an indelible impression so that the holiday is remembered for sure!

1. Shocking potato chips with a snake jumping out of them

2. A pillow that will always substitute a reliable muscular shoulder.

3. Scented candle with a joke for dog owners with a personalized inscription

4. A moneybox that adorably steals your coins.

5. A sign that will hint to a friend that he is a bit old.

6. A warning sign to let your friends know when not to disturb you

7. A retractable metal fork to reach any piece of food at the table

8. A whipping doll to relieve stress

9. Quizzical air balloons for your elderly grumpy friend

10. Clacking teeth as a fun alternative to false teeth for your old man

11. Humorous hearing tube for your deaf old man

12. A collection of 250 curious facts to read in the most appropriate place

13. Hand-shaped candle with different gestures and colors

14. A spider popping out of the box that will make your friend scream

So, what is the craziest prank that has ever been played on you?

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