14 Grandparents That Defy Age Stereotypes and Prove You Can Never Be Too Old to Have Fun

2 years ago

Many grandparents know that age is just a number. So even though we still associate the elderly with that image of an old person sitting down and looking tired or devoting their time to taking care of their grandkids, this stage has actually become more dynamic and fun. These “youngsters” enjoy the day-to-day, go through unique experiences, and seek new ones. And more often than not, they also like making mischief.

Bright Side wants to share some pics of clever and witty ideas that these grandparents had. We bet they’ll put a big smile on your face.

1. “Grandpa holding the grandkids, and grandpa holding the kids holding the grandkids!”

2. “My great-grandpa always showing off and acting like a kid makes me smile.”

3. “Grandma asked me to take this picture to show how well she’s doing at 90. Look at that pose.”

4. “My grandpa eating a sweet strawberry”

5. “After not seeing my grandparents for months, they finally figured out how to ‘work FaceTime’. This was my grandpa’s face when he saw me.”

6. “My grandma, the one who didn’t want a dog”

7. “It’s my great-grandma’s ninetieth birthday! All she wanted was a ride to church on the motorcycle.”

8. “Did a Christmas scavenger hunt. This is what my grandpa sent for the 3 wise men.”

9. “My grandpa, still working to impress my granny after 59 years of marriage”

10. “My grandpa sent me this yesterday and I thought it was too original and wholesome.”

11. “My grandpa and me over 11 years ago, when we both had lice.”

12. “I got to play golf with my grandma for the first time since Grandpa passed. It was a good day!”

13. “Turns out my grandpa invented the selfie stick in the late ’40s!”

14. “When my grandpa learned of selfies, he got all fancy and figured out how to set the timer.”

Which moment spent with your family gave you a warm smile? Share some pics and anecdotes of that special occasion.

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Number 3 is my grandma! I was just scrolling here and saw her! She's gonna be so happy to see this. Sadly, she fell a couple months ago and broke her hip, so she can't really walk anymore but her spirit is intact.


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