14 People Decided on Drastic Hair Changes and Never Regretted It

2 years ago

We think of hair as something simple and basic, but in reality, hair can play a huge part in someone’s personality. It can boost your self-esteem, improve your mood if you’re going through something, and generally make your life better. That’s why so many people look for this major change that will give them a breath of fresh air.

Bright Side would like to remind you that taking a risk and making a massive change to your hair can make you feel like a new person.

1. After a nice haircut and losing a few pounds.

2. When everyone cuts their hair, he grows it longer.

3. It was a really good choice to cut that hair.

4. Which one do you think fits him better?

5. “I feel so much better!”

6. “My hair had been growing since 2017, and with one haircut, it’s way more practical now.”

7. “The long hair was getting a little too hot.”

8. “Donated my hair. 10 inches that they could save.”

9. “Finally shaved my head!”

10. “Had been 14 months since my last haircut. I think I recognize this after guy.”

11. “Haircut and color were done by my best friend”

12. “Getting a haircut is oddly freeing.”

13. “It’s a big change so it’ll take some getting used to but, all things considered, I couldn’t have hoped for better.”

14. “Been long haired for over 11 years.”

Have you ever made such a major hair change and if you did, did you feel refreshed and liberated?

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Preview photo credit Alexjh93 / reddit


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