14 People That Would Easily Win the “Most Awkward Situation” Award

3 years ago

Life is not always easy. Sometimes, unexpected things happen and we don’t know what to do. And the most sensitive people might even move to a different town or wish to go to a different planet just to not have anything remind them of their embarrassment.

We at Bright Side know that all people have felt embarrassed at least once in their lives. But it’s better to be ready for the unexpected. You might learn something from the people in today’s compilation.


2. When you’ve put on too much perfume and your cat is not happy:

3. “The sign on my husband’s graphic design department”

4. “Graduation day was great, until...”

5. “Walked through a fly strip this morning... Spent an hour shampooing glue and fly guts out of my hair.”

6. “I asked my mom to shave the hair around my ears but she put the shaver to high, so I had to go bald.”

7. “My first time on a rollercoaster, circa 1996”


9. “We asked him to take a picture of my wife and me in front of the red bow in Vienna. This is what we found among other pictures when we got back home.”

10. “A candid shot from a friend’s wedding. I don’t know the backstory but this is a priceless picture.”

11. “My dad was admitted to the hospital. This is his toilet and the window is transparent.”



14. “My son probably thinks I need to lose weight.”

Bonus: When you’re embarrassed by your friend:

“Here we go again...”

Can you recall any situations where you felt really awkward? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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