14 Pets Who Are So Moody, Only Their Owners Can Handle Them

4 years ago

Our pets often surprise us with their behavior: sometimes they don’t obey and other times, they understand us better than other people do. In most cases, their actions can be predicted because we live with them and we know them pretty well. But there are some times when animals turn out to be very creative and inventive and take their owners aback.

We at Bright Side love users’ stories about how they live with their pets and how animals surprise them. We’re sure that the stories we’ve chosen will make you laugh.

  • Whenever my door was closed, my cat would grab the door from underneath with his paw and shake the door until it opened. Imagine hearing BANG BANG BANG coming from your door at 3 am. My terrified self opened the door to find my cat who wanted to go outside. Clever creature. © RoastyTheToastyGhost / Reddit

“We’ve used/are using motion sensor alarms, spray bottles, and aluminum foil. I’d say teaching him to stay off the counters is going well.”

  • I had a cat that learned how to open the fridge and then my dog started begging my cat for food. And then the cat started getting into the fridge just to feed the dog. I patiently await the day where my pets decide to overthrow me and have me fixed. I’m not fighting it — that’ll only make it worse in the long run. © wererat2000 / Reddit

  • This is not about a current pet but a dog I had as a teenager. Dog jumps up on the couch. “No, you’re not allowed on the couch, go lie in your bed,” I’d say. The dog then leaves the room. A moment later he returns with his bed and throws it on the couch. He gets back up on the couch in his bed and stares at me." Fair enough." © aRealGoose / Reddit

  • My glass desk was a mistake. © newcleardrew / Reddit

  • My cat figured out how to fill up my bathtub. He learned how to close the drain and would turn the water handle and would just sit there and watch the tub slowly fill up. It took me weeks to figure out what was going on. © Mr-Havera / Reddit
  • One of my cats learned how to turn the Internet off. I mean, he realized everybody went crazy when he’d go behind the TV stand and mess up the wires. So when we’re not paying enough attention to him (usually if we’re on our phones or the computer), he just unplugs the router. I don’t think he knows how much power he has. © claustrophobiic / Reddit

  • I have a dachshund. Just like all the dogs of this breed, he eats anything that moves or doesn’t move. When he was young, he started climbing on the table. We decided to teach him: we left a sandwich with mustard on the table. We thought he’d try it and would never come to the table again. It turned out that our talents were no match for the dog’s persistence. He ate everything and licked the plate. We were really scared for him but he had no digestion problems at all. © Overheard

“My cat likes to sleep under a lamp I had on my floor because of the warmth. But the light was bright, so he knocked down an empty trash can and put his head under that. But the trash can was too hard, so he dragged a sock over from the dirty clothes pile and used it as a pillow.”

  • Everyday when my brother and I pull in the driveway from school we can see our dog on my brother’s bed in the window above the garage where he knows he isn’t allowed to be. When we walk into the house he is laying behind the living room couch and picks his head up and looks at us like he’s been sleeping there all day. © Elephant5619 / Reddit
  • My ex-girlfriend had a lover and when I went on business trips, she took him home. My loyal cat saw what was going on and she did everything she could to avenge me: she peed on the bed while they were there and peed near the apartment entrance, trying to tell me what was happening. I was so ashamed later when I realized what the cat meant and all I was doing was yelling at the cat instead of thanking it. © Overheard
  • I have a 3-month-old pup who got dirt in her eye one day. The eye kept tearing up and she held it partially shut for a few hours. During that time I felt really bad for her and handed out a lot of treats. Since then, when I am eating, she begs by winking that eye with a tiny whimper. Her wink is nonstop. If she’s called by someone else in the home she looks at them with perfect eyes. I get the “broken eye.” Once she gets the goods — her eyes are just fine again. © FlickerAndFlicker / Reddit

What impressive examples of your pets’ wit have you seen? Tell us about them in the comment section below.

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