14 Things All Dog Owners Do

5 years ago

If you have a dog, you’re definitely a lucky person. Tons of dog hair, active games, challenging training questions are just a small part of dog owner’s everyday routine.

Bright Side has drawn 14 funny comics about dogs and their owners. Welcome to the club of dog lovers!

14. You’re always ready to give them a treat just because they look at you.

13. You always remember their tastes.

12. You always try to make them even happier!

11. You always worry when your pet is sick.

10. You want your dog to have friends.

9. You always create new walking routes.

8. When your dog sneezes, you say, “Bless you!”

7. You definitely break your own rules.

6. You miss your dog when you’re away.

5. You decide not to give your dog your food but always forget about it.

4. You think it’s your dog that produces all the noises at night.

3. You’re sure your dog is the best.

2. You have to go for a walk no matter what the weather is like.

1. You say that you love each other every day.

If you recognize yourself in these pictures, it’s great! You’re not alone: Bright Side is just crazy about our 4-legged friends. They inspire us a lot.

Do you have a dog? Share their photos with us!

Illustrated by Xenia Shalagina for Bright Side


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