14 Vintage Airline Photos That Can Make You Want to Go Back to the Past

4 years ago

An aircraft is the fastest and the comfiest means of traveling. Today, we have everything we need to travel in comfort. Did our past generations have this opportunity? Let’s have a look! These photos will probably impress you.

Bright Side has decided to unearth some old pictures to show you what airline service looked like in the past, and it was pretty incredible.

Delta Air Lines, 1969

Pan American, 1936

Pan American, 1936

Delta Air Lines, 1970

American Airlines, 1934

Delta Air Lines, 1970

Tupolev Tu-114 Airlines, 1955

Pan American, 1975

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, circa 1970

Pan American, 1970

Aeroflot, 1973

Delta Air Lines, 1950-1956

Delta Air Lines, 1959

Delta Air Lines, 1954-1965

Would you like to go back in time and travel on one of these aircrafts?


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