15 Actors Whose Significant Other Guest-Starred on Their TV Show

2 years ago

According to research, working in the same industry can increase a couple’s well-being and career growth since they’d help each other in climbing the work ladder. And we can witness this support among actors whose partners were invited to make short appearances in their TV series and work alongside the people they love. And it’s fascinating to see real couples on-screen.

Bright Side believes that something special is always bound to happen when love and work meet in one place. Here are some actors who were united in real-life as well as on our TV screens.

1. Brad Pitt on Friends

2. Adam Brody on Single Parents

3. Nancy Carell on The Office

4. David Burtka on How I Met Your Mother

5. Dax Shepard on The Good Place

6. Mary Steenburgen on The Good Place

7. David Arquette on Friends

8. Kelly Ripa on Riverdale

9. Hilarie Burton on The Walking Dead

10. Megan Mullally on Parks and Recreation

11. Lindsay Lohan on That ’70s Show

12. Torrey DeVitto on The Vampire Diaries

13. Taran Killam on How I Met Your Mother

14. Alexis Denisof on How I Met Your Mother

15. Danneel Ackles on Supernatural

Do you have the same profession as your significant other? Do you think that working with them can open the doors to professional growth more easily?


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