A Long-Snout Dog and 15+ More Animals With Unique Appearances

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Nature can sometimes feel inspiring and even play tricks on us. We might think that a 2-tailed cat or a long-snout dog are optical illusions, but these unique animals are here to show us that there’s always something new to discover in this world.

1. A long-nose dog of the Borzoi breed

Eris is a long-nosed dog of the Borzoi breed. Her snout measures an incredible 12.2 inches, prompting her owners to believe that she might hold a world record for being a long dog with the longest nose.

2. A cat with extra toes

3. Heart-shaped nose

4. A small dog with big ears

5. A dog with a big birthmark

6. Different colored eyes

7. A cat with 2 tails

8. A dog with long ears

9. A dog with long eyelashes

10. One of the polydactyl cats

11. An unusual dog color spectrum

12. A dog’s birthmark on their belly

13. It looks like it’s wearing a dog face mask.

14. A cow with a heart on its head

15. Long dog, tongue out

16. “Our new rescue kitty. She may be half a leg shorter than most but it sure doesn’t slow her down!”

17. Zebra-dog hybrid

18. Best puppy eyes ever

19. She has a dog vitiligo disease, causing her hair to depigment.

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SO BLASTED CUTE ALL OF THEM. A couple reminded me of little hyenas because of their colourings. The one l Adored though was no: 11, his markings reminded me of a little Lemur...lol
first impressions..lol


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