17 People Who Spiced-Up Their Hair and Now Look Like a Million Bucks

2 years ago

That feeling of stepping out of the salon with a fancy new hair-do is almost unbeatable. But taking the plunge and choosing a radically different hairstyle can be terrifying and it requires all of our bravery to go through with it. When things go right though, there is often no turning back to an old hairstyle after discovering the beauty of the new one.

Bright Side would like to showcase some of the styles that made us itch to go to the hair salon to get an equally cool look.

1. “Went to a salon for the first time, dye took 8 hours but it was worth it!”

2. “I went with the short bob.”

3. “I grew my hair out for over 2 years in order to get my dream look. My hairdresser turned my hair into a beautiful masterpiece!”

4. “Kid’s braids. The beauty supply was closed and all I had to use was jam.”

5. “Hair transformation”

6. “After having long hair and a beard for the past 6 years I finally decided to get them cut. I’m really happy with how it turned out.”

7. “I grew my hair for 2 years after coming out as trans. Had my first hair appointment this week as Selena!”

8. “Birthday hair. First perm rod set since going natural in 2017.”

9. “Got the hair cut finally. Short, almost black, espresso color with light brown highlights around the face.”

10. This bold hair color is everything.

11. “Funky-colored hair inspiration for those who are still afraid to try something crazy.”

12. “I think my new hair is pretty rad.”

13. “I had tons of split ends and I was getting bored of hiding behind my hair.”

14. “Grew my hair out for 2 1/2 years, got it cut last Thursday, and donated to charity. Here is the before/after.”

15. “My before and after — fire hair color, I’m so in looove.”

16. “My before and after — I feel so badass and so cute at the same time!”

17. “I cut all my hair off and I feel like a different person (before & after).”

Which of these fabulous hairstyles has inspired you? What adventurous things have you done to your hair?

Preview photo credit WendellAnnie / Reddit


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