15 People With Rare Features Prove Why They Should Be Proud of Them

2 years ago

Anyone who is one-of-a-kind has to deal with the judgment of society, and they are usually perceived as “different” somehow. However, people with rare traits may now use social media to display their aesthetic value, and we are very glad about that.

That’s why, at Bright Side, we’re showing you the beauty of these 15 people who have special traits or physical features that make them just as fascinating and unique as they are.

1. “My grandpa’s cool eye”

2. “My belly button makes a perfect spiral.”

3. “I have purple eyes.”

4. “My sister is a ginger and has heterochromia. A genetic masterpiece!”

5. “How my facial hair only grows on one cheek”

6. “Unlike the average human feet, mine don’t follow a descending order in terms of toe length. My middle toe is the second-longest.”

7. “My sister-in-law’s eyes are 2 different colors, and her right pupil is shaped like a cat’s eye.”

8. “A customer came in and let me take a picture of her hands that had 6 fingers on each.”

9. “A kid on my bus has 2 left earlobes.”

10. “How my vitiligo changes from the winter to the summer”

11. “I am here to inspire.”

12. “After having it for nearly 30 years, my mom’s vitiligo has started to affect her hair.”

13. “I have a rare genetic condition called distichiasis (a double row of eyelashes). Sometimes they grow into my eyeball.”

14. “I have fraternal thumbs, 1 from each parent.”

15. “My husband has a rare genetic mutation that causes his fingernails to grow inverted.”

What trait surprised you the most? Do you happen to have any of the same features?

Preview photo credit sturgio_garcia / reddit


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