15+ Pics That Prove the Universe Still Has a Lot of Surprises for Us

2 years ago

Sometimes the most scenic things in life are those we never expected to see. And it can be anything: achievements in modern technology or simply some funny people who bring us closer to Disney’s world of wonder. Anyway, instead of something predictable, life gives us something that we could hardly imagine.

We at Bright Side have found unbelievably compelling photos that give the green light to all kinds of amazement and astonishment.

1. “My doctor took a hi-rez image of the eye. 16 handsewn stitches, made from nylon, holding the cornea onto the existing tissue.”

2. “A man and his dog”

3. “The way the ice froze in the saucer makes it look like a rose.”

4. “There’s a tree inside the tree I recently cut down.”

5. “My single rose has 2 centers.”

6. “Wrapped townhouse in Budapest”

7. “This restaurant’s bathroom had a piano in it.”

8. This kiwi is not a morning person.

9. “The heart on this crab”

10. “The reflection of my clear ruler on my desk”

11. “The light shining off my can reflected the words onto the table.”

12. “The basket weave of water coming out of the faucet”

13. “Just found it in my local grocery store.”

14. Who came up with the idea to wrap the whole thing in plastic?

15. “Weird lemon”

16. “This mannequin shielding itself from the bright light”

17. “A random, big ice diamond by the road. My lighter for scale.”

18. “These letters and numbers are invisible on my lenses, but cast shadows.”

19. “This message scarred onto this tree”

Jenny and Missy friends to the end.

When was the last time the universe truly surprised you? Have you managed to capture its unusual presence on camera? Please share your stories and photos with us all.

Preview photo credit Gazam0 / imgur


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