15 People Who Know Secrets to an Easy Life

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2 years ago

Even though not many people can live up to the heights of genius inventors like Nikola Tesla or Thomas Edison, there are definitely many people whose creative spark can’t be kept quiet. These include using empty water jugs to boost the light output of a flashlight, trimming the nappy bristles off the end of your broom to make it more effective, or using your cat’s furry bottom as the perfect shot background.

We at Bright Side are human helpers by nature, so once we found out about these life hacks we couldn’t wait to share them with you. So, we gathered 15 creative hacks that we hope you’ll find just as useful as we did.

1. “Is this how you use chopsticks?”

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2. “I use the rubber for simple cleanup after clipping the stalks.”

3. “Just realized my dad uses our garlic press as a nut-cracker.”

4. “Flip a Tupperware upside down and use the lid as the bottom so you don’t have to dig the cake out later.”

5. “Luxury background.”

6. “When you lose power you can use empty translucent jugs to dramatically improve the light output from a flashlight.”

7. “Shower curtain hooks work well for hanging holiday lights on curtain rods.”

8. “This is how I let my toast cool, so one side doesn’t get soggy.”

9. “Grate some toast for easy breadcrumbs!”

10. “Tape end hack.”

11. Smart way to collect water.

12. “You can trim the nappy bristles off the end of your broom to make it more effective before you replace it.”

13. “When traveling always keep your shampoos in a ziplock bag for this reason.”

14. “Im no MacGyver but I do what needs to be done.”

15. “When reheating pasta with a cream-based sauce, add a splash of extra cream/milk to keep the original consistency.”

Which of these creative hacks do you find the most useful? Do you also have an ingenious idea that might just make everyone’s lives easier? If yes, don’t hesitate to share it in the comments.

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Preview photo credit Certain_Dig_8253 / Reddit


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