Meet Enzo, the Unique Golden Retriever Who Was Born With a Charming Birthmark

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Birthmarks carry a lot of myths behind them. In Japan, for example, it is a common practice for pregnant women to be forbidden to look at fire or to look into flames. It is said that doing this will cause a “burn mark” on her baby’s skin.

But when it comes to animals, we can’t explain these things anyway, so all we can do is just look at them and admire them. For this reason, we’d like to introduce you to Enzo, a special golden retriever with a lovely birthmark.

This purebred has a birthmark that covers the left side of his face.

Enzo, the cute golden retriever, has been a pro napper, sock thief, long-walk taker, kiss giver, and fuzzy snuggler since 2016. Enzo was lucky enough to find his permanent home at the age of just 2. This doggo is also very friendly!

Due to an unusual genetic mutation, Enzo stands out from the other dogs. His eye area has a large black splotch due to a genetic mutation. “The splotch is random — it’s not a hereditary trait, so Enzo was the only one from his litter with any black fur, and it’s no more likely that his relatives will have a splotch than it is for any golden,” said Enzo’s owners.

He’s become an Instagram mega-star!

He has become an Instagram star very recently and has nearly 200,000 followers. He doesn’t understand much about his condition, and looking at his Instagram pics, we can all agree that he’s living his best life. “It’s been amazing to see it grow. We especially love it when kids with birthmarks find Enzo and see how beautiful and loved he is, and get a little boost of confidence from that,” Enzo’s owners explained.

“He isn’t afraid of anything — thunder and fireworks are fine — but he sometimes needs some extra belly rubs before bedtime.” Although the doggo has no idea of how unique he truly is, he continues to live as any ordinary golden retriever would.

“He absolutely loves it when anyone throws a tennis ball. He’s great at the catch part, and sometimes a little slow on the return. He loves snuggles,” said Enzo’s owner Eli Castro. Enzo’s popularity is also serving a greater purpose. He encourages kiddos and individuals all around the world to embrace their diversity. And he does all these good deeds without even realizing it!

Do you have unique birthmarks? Do they have stories behind them? Take a pic and show us below in the comment section!


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