15+ Animals That Can Make Anyone Grin From Ear to Ear

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When we look at some photos of animals, it’s difficult to believe that they don’t have a sense of humor since our pets can always make us laugh like no one else. So we’re happy to show you some more animals to make your day a bit better!

We at Bright Side found 16 pictures of animals that will amuse you to the core.

1. This puppy likes to turn on his back and it looks adorable.

2. Yes, this cat is a character, but it’s still cute!

3. “Let me give you a lift, my friend.”

4. “I’m not mean, I’m just a cat.”

5. Happy alpaca with a new haircut

6. “Hello, little creature!”

7. 50 shades of expression

8. “I know, I’m awesome.”

9. The face you make when you forget your phone at home:

10. “I heard there’s food here.”

11. “Don’t touch me! I’m offended!”

12. “Wake up! Time to play!”

13. “Don’t hesitate to have a seat and join the impPAWrtant conversation.”

14. “You can’t hide from me!”

15. “Come here, I’ll hug you.”

16. Have you ever seen a blue-eyed turtle?

Do you have any photos of your pets that always make you smile? We’d love to see them in the comments!

Preview photo credit AllAmericanRejection / imgur


Will I ever have enough of that little puppy sleeping upside down???

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