15 Animals That Look Like They Came Straight Out of a Sci-Fi Movie

3 years ago

Not all animals are fluffy and have a harmless look. Some birds, reptiles, and amphibians have out of this world colors, are enormous in size, and share similarities with dinosaurs and dragons. And even though we thought these animals only existed in movies, the truth is that they are real and could be living right beside us.

To celebrate them, Bright Side selected the most show-stopping animals that will leave you as impressed as we are.

1. “I caught a lizard... WITH WINGS!”

2. In addition to having a super poisonous stinger, scorpions also glow in the dark. Creepy!

3. We’re sure this fish wouldn’t go unnoticed if we swam by it in the sea.

4. “This caterpillar looks like a dragon.”

5. “I found a lizard with 2 tails in my driveway this morning.”

6. This Crocodile Skink looks like a dragon.

7. “This is a Lunar Hornet Moth, a species that ’mimics’ a hornet to assure its own survival against predators.”

8. We don’t know what’s scarier: its teeth, its eyes, or its fins.

9. Baby Snapping turtles look just like little dinosaurs.

10. If you think these are flowers, take a second look. There’s one pink and one yellow Orchid Mantis.

11. This looks like a mix between a butterfly and a fish.

12. We can’t stop staring at this neon blue snake.

13. This 2-headed turtle is giving us an alien vibe.

14. A moth that is as big as a hand.

15. “Holding the claws of a male Southern Cassowary.”

Would you be afraid or curious if one of these animals appeared near you? Have you ever seen one of them in real life?

Preview photo credit PaleoFeathers / Twitter


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