15+ Animals That We Want to Ask “What Are You Doing Here?”

3 years ago

When we’re not looking, our friends in the animal kingdom live in their own little worlds, where they can get into the craziest of shenanigans and turn up in the strangest of places. It’s almost as if they’re keeping an eye on us from the shadows. At least, that’s what we hope they’re up to...

We at Bright Side love to see animals in their own element, even if we never realized it was their element, so we’re sharing these funny photos with you!

1. “The coolest cat I ever did bee.”

2. Welcome to Amphibia, the secret land of frog people!

3. Brother...we meet again!

4. “As a puppy, Jupiter struggled with where he should sit.”

5. “It’s a goat... in a flatbed Ford, slowing down to take a look at me...”

6. He’ll start his diet tomorrow... maybe next week...

7. If you’ve ever thought your cats secretly judge you...

8. After this, he wants to play “Go Fish.”

9. This cat really enjoys his new bed... worth every penny!

10. On the plus side, you know this cat always likes to keep clean.

11. That not how you use the railing...

12. One of these things is not like the others...

13. Somebody has a vet appointment coming up...

14. “Walked in on my dog like this.”

15. “Father-in-law found this street cat chilling during Carnival in Rio.”

16. “My cat Elliot, who likes to think he’s big and tough, trying to hide in the sink at the vet”

What are some other animals you’ve seen in surprising places? Please share with us in the comments!


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love it when animals react to their mirror reflection. The cutest reactions ahaha ?


I have a feeling that we actually need to stop being surprised when we find cats is some weird places.

These animals manage to get into anything ?


Actually, it looks like every cat is judging you, me, everyone :p :p


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