15+ Animals Who Tried but Didn’t Quite Master the Art of Camouflage

3 years ago

Pets are a lot of things: smart, loyal, adorable, mischievous — you name it. But camouflaging themselves is one thing they have a hard time getting the hang of. It’s no wonder they could never make it out in the wild. Sometimes you may find them hiding in your couch cushions but their snout makes them visible or trying to blend in with a pile of stones.

We at Bright Side love these acts of playfulness and would love to share the best bits of camouflage fails that prove sneaking around is best left to chameleons.

1. “My friend called me saying that her cat had escaped, and a few hours later, he revealed himself.”

2. The cat’s not quite out of the bag.

3. “Feeling like a carpet...”

4. Camouflaged mitten

5. Mommy cushion

6. Dog or log?

7. Hide and seek in plain sight

8. “My ringneck, Ziggy, chilling on some bananas”

9. “I guess I’m a towel now.”

10. Sleeping with the enemy

11. “Perfectly camouflaged for her first Christmas!”

12. “I wanted to go to sleep but couldn’t find the kitty. Found her sitting like a person in bed.”

13. “Where’s the cat?”

14. “Dog fort, come in. This is Mobile Dogwood Base Alpha, do you copy?”

15. “Peek-a-boo!”

16. A royal doggo-flage

17. This dog totally wins the game.

Has your pet ever camouflaged in a similar way? Share your best pictures with us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit bnot42 / reddit, SpoonParty / reddit


That rabbit though... I was really looking for the animal in the picture haha

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