15 Brilliant Life Hacks That Can Help You Clean Your House Much Faster

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2 years ago

Very few people can say that they enjoy cleaning their house. But this may be due to the fact that this is a very time-consuming process. But if you arm yourself with good tools and simple life hacks, cleaning will become a piece of cake for you.

At Bright Side, we love all the things that make our lives easier. Therefore, we couldn’t pass by these brilliant life hacks that everyone can use in their everyday life.

How to clean a bathtub without chemicals

If you’re not a fan of using chemicals while cleaning, or they run out when you urgently need to clean your bathtub, this advice is for you. To remove dirt and make your bathtub smell better, take a quarter of a grapefruit, dip it in sugar, and wipe the surface of the tub with it. Sugar, in this case, works as an abrasive agent that, when combined with acid, gets rid of dirt perfectly.

A cost-effective lint roller that you can clean your furniture with

If you have pets, you’ll need endless refills for your sticky lint roller, especially if you want to clean your furniture and other surfaces. In such cases, a velour lint roller is your best choice. Its advantage over a conventional velour brush is that it has a built-in container that accumulates all fur and hair. This prevents it from clogging, and you don’t have to clean it in the process.

Lemon oil instead of sunflower oil to remove stickers

Perhaps everyone knows that sunflower oil helps to get rid of stickers and glue residue on different objects. But it’s not really pleasant to use because of the specific smell and oily base that forces you to separately wash off your hands and the cleaned surface. In this regard, lemon oil works much better: it doesn’t leave a greasy layer and has a pleasant aroma.

How to remove grease without clogging your sink

In order not to clog your kitchen sink, the easiest way to dispose of grease left in a pan after cooking bacon, sausage, or fatty meat is by sending it to the trash. To do this, cover any bowl with foil, pour the grease into it, and wait until it hardens. After that, you can simply take the greasy foil out and throw it away.

Organizing cleaning appliances

We have nothing against the neat storage of cleaning products and accessories on shelves. However, all of us must have noticed how tiring it is to run between the rooms in order to grab some kind of spray or sponge during cleaning (especially if your house is big). To save yourself from this hassle, you can store everything you need in a trolley on wheels and just roll it along while cleaning.

How to clean earphones without silicone tips

All AirPods users and fans of similar earphone models know that they are very difficult to clean. Fortunately, there is a solution! First, you need to separate the dirt from the edges with a toothpick, and then just pick it up with something like modeling clay or slime.

A hidden source of a pleasant aroma in your bathroom

If you don’t like to use air fresheners because of allergies or because you think their smell is too intense, there is a little trick on how to make your bathroom smell nice. To do this, take your favorite essential oil and apply a few drops to the inside of the toilet paper roll.

Adding a melamine sponge to your cleaning set

It is also called a magic eraser, and for a good reason: this sponge can remove stubborn dirt that couldn’t be removed by dozens of other products. But you should follow all recommendations, such as wetting it before getting to work. It will perfectly lift dirt off of wallpaper and from the seams of tiles, as well as clean the soles of sneakers and many other things.

How to remember that some stained clothes require special attention

If you put all your clothes in one basket — including items with stains that require special attention — it’s very easy to forget about them when the time to wash comes. To prevent this from happening, get a cloth bag that will hang on the basket or next to it, and put delicate or stained items in it separately.

How to wash a blender easily

Many of us wash blender containers like any other dish. However, it’s easier to do this with the help of the blender itself: you just need to pour water into the container, add detergent, and turn the blender on for about 10 seconds. This will be enough to remove the obvious dirt. All you have to do after that is rinse the container with water.

How to dry dishes in a dishwasher

The dishes often stay wet in the dishwasher after a wash cycle. This makes it really inconvenient to take the dishes out because water drips all over the floor. It is usually recommended to leave the door ajar to let dishes dry, but this is not always convenient. Therefore, it’s worth doing the following: open the door, hang a towel over it, and then close it again. The towel will absorb excess moisture and the dishes will become almost completely dry.

How to remove oil stains from a plastic container

This trick is unlikely to work with very old stains since, in this case, the stain is completely absorbed by the plastic. But if the stain is new, pour water into the container, add detergent, and put a couple of paper towel pieces inside. Then close it and shake it thoroughly. The paper will absorb the oil, and you’ll just have to rinse the container.

How to dry a dish sponge

A dish sponge almost never dries out on its special stand. The hanging holder can help with this. However, if this option is not for you, there is another idea: cut the sponge in the middle and make a small hole in the center. This will allow you to hang it on the faucet so that the water can drain into the sink.

How to clean a hairbrush

For hygiene reasons, you should clean your brush not just from hair, but also wash it thoroughly. A brush accumulates sebum, skin particles, and remnants of styling products. Fortunately, this is easy to do. Just fill a bowl or sink with water, add baking soda and any shampoo, and soak your hairbrushes. In about 30 minutes, rub them to remove the dirt, then rinse under running water.

An easy way to clean the bottom of an iron

The dirty bottom of an iron is a headache for anyone who irons frequently. We will share a method of how to clean it without chemicals and complex actions. You’ll need a paracetamol tablet: squeeze it with eyebrow tweezers, turn on the iron (just turn off the automatic steam function so as not to burn yourself), and when it warms up, start cleaning. The tablet will begin to melt from the heat and dissolve dirt along the way. Lastly, gently wipe the surface with a towel or another cloth.

Do you know of any other life hacks that help you deal with household chores? Share them in the comments below.


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