15 Celebrities Who Haven’t Aged a Tiny Bit Over the Last 10 Years

4 years ago

The 10-year challenge that took over social media a few weeks ago made many of us look back at how we looked a decade ago. While some of us noticed a few new wrinkles in the corners of our eyes compared to older photos, others seem to have aged in reverse. Celebrities are not an exception, and we can’t stop admiring the stars whose young looks make us think, “Have they actually stopped the clock?”

Here at Bright Side, we’ve examined how these 15 stars looked 10 years ago, and we wonder what helps them trick the aging process and look exactly the same for decades.

1. Pharrell Williams

2. Salma Hayek

3. Debra Messing

4. Penélope Cruz

5. Will Smith

6. Eva Longoria

7. Naomi Campbell

8. Hugh Jackman

9. Julianne Moore

10. Julia Roberts

11. Christina Ricci

12. Demi Moore

13. Jennifer Lopez

14. Matthew McConaughey

15. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Who would you add to the list of forever-young celebrities? What is the secret that helps them look stunning for years?


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Was going to say the same as Chris. All have more than enough money to pay for the best surgeons for a little bit of tuck and lift. Mind you they don’t look no where nea as bad as some celebrities. Like Micky Rouke, Melanie grithis or goldie hawk. Now that’s bad


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