15 Celebs Whose Hairstyle Is Almost More Popular Than They Are

4 years ago

Hairstyles are more than just aesthetics, they are also a representation of your personality. It’s like they tell stories by themselves. A few celebrities have such particularly unique and enduring hairstyles that sometimes that is the first thing you remember about them.

Bright Side wants to remember some of the most iconic celebrity hairstyles of our time that left a mark on our collective memories.

1. Jennifer Aniston’s “the Rachel” hairstyle on the TV show Friends was a true 90s sensation.

2. Halle Berry’s messy and stylish pixie hair was a central part of her star image.

3. Julia Roberts wild and beautiful long curls helped to turn her into America’s sweetheart in the early 90s.

4. Mia Farrow’s pixie cut in the movie “Rosemary’s Baby”

5. Elvis Presley’s cool and rebellious hairstyle helped cement his heartthrob image in the 50s.

6. Joe Keery’s character on Stranger Things, Steve “The Hair” Harrington, made him a current hair obsession.

7. Blake Lively’s hairstyle was once the most searched style on Google and is constantly asked to be copied in beauty salons.

8. James Dean, our eternal rebel without a cause, also had an iconic 50s hairstyle that is still remembered to this day.

9. Audrey Hepburn’s hair in Breakfast at Tiffany’s remains a timeless classic.

10. Marilyn Monroe’s classic blonde bombshell look inspired many hairstyles in the 1950s.

11. Farrah Fawcett’s hairdo was the quintessential 70s blowout style.

12. Veronica Lake’s classic brushed down waves remain a popular chic hairstyle to this day.

13. Brigitte Bardot’s bangs and teased crown is still a classic replicated hairstyle when you’re going for a vintage look.

14. Zooey Deschanel has been rocking this vintage look for years and it doesn’t seem like it will ever go away.

15. When Keri Russell cut her locks on the TV show Felicity, the audience sent furious letters and the show’s ratings went down.

Which one was the most iconic to you? Have you ever been inspired by any of these styles and tried to copy them yourself? We would love to hear your stories!


I think that Halle Berry’s hairstyle is still one of the best, I simply love it!
I really like Pixie haircuts on women, and I'm glad that they are still popular :)
I remember women wearing the Rachel hairstyle when I was young. It was soooo popular

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